The Tea Lady

For years I tried to learn to like coffee or tea so that I could be more sociable. I drowned them in sweeteners and flavors, but it all still tasted like “dirty water” to me.

One day, as I was whining about it, a friend of mine (thanks, Auna!) introduced me to Sheri (though, in my household, she is known as “The Tea Lady”). She taught me about the different kinds of teas and how you brew them correctly and voila! I am now a confirmed tea drinker (and no longer a social outcast).

The Tea Lady’s business is called Heavenly Special Teas (please list “Lori Byerly” as the consultant when you order to help fund my tea habit). She has an amazing collection of premium whole leaf teas, plus scones, dips and much, much more.


Her teas are very fine quality and her passion is to share and (thankfully) educate folks about all her lovely teas.

How to Brew Tea Correctly
This was my problem. I let my tea steep too long and used the wrong temp.
Brewing time and temperature are important!

Catalog and How To Order
When you order, please put “Lori Byerly” down as the consultant.
Thanks so much.



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