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I have recommended a number of products in my blog. I’ve gathered them here for your convenience.

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Please feel free to leave reviews of helpful marriage products as a comment to this page. I’d like for this list to help ladies find great resources.

Other Recommended Items
Looking for a good marriage book?


Amazon is king for just about anything you might want to buy.
Amazon gift card
30-Day Free Trial of Amazon Prime Free shipping and a lot of other goodies.


Covenant Spice is dedicated to strengthening marriages and increasing playfulness and intimacy in the bedroom. No nudity on the website or product packaging.


Honoring Intimates – This company offers a nice selection of lingerie. They show various views of their lingerie on mannequins and give help in sizing in the product details.


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Awaken Love – Ruth and Melanie
Discover God’s design for sex in marriage in this 6-week video class with support materials. This course would be especially effective in a small group. Low cost.


Melt: Massage for Couples Video Series
These videos take the guesswork out of massage by teaching you 17 different techniques and then stringing them together into a 5 minute, 15 minute and 1/2 hour massage routines. The course is very well done. It is fairly sensual, but not over the top. Romantic, with a bit of humor.

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Other Products I’ve Recommended
(because they are just that good)

Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats 
These babies keep you from slipping when you walk on ice and snow. My first couple of years in Washington I was slipping and sliding everywhere. Now I walk safe and sound no matter the weather.

Five Crowns
This is a quick and easy card game. A bit of luck and a bit of skill makes it a fun social game for two or more.

This product helped help me with menopause symptoms. (This is not medical advice. Please talk to your doctor about all medicines and supplements).

Great word game. Creative enough to challenge most people and simple enough you can hold a conversation while playing.

TAZO Sweet Orange Tea
Use three tea bags to 1 quart of water, add sweetener to taste, add an additional quart of ice and you are good to go.


Makes amazing non-bitter coffee. Easy to use and easy to clean up.


Madeline's Backyard Pecan Coffee

Madeline’s Backyard Pecan Coffee
This is one of our favorites.


I’m a Grandma. What’s your Superpower? mug
I have a collection of unusual cups. This is my new favorite.


CAT pocket light
This is my go-to guy gift. I have yet to find a man who isn’t instantly in love with this nifty little flashlight (there is a strong magnet on the end).


You Are Special Today plate
It’s a great tool to help celebrate your sweetie and others. You could also make your own if you are feeling creative.


Tiger Tail
I use this massage roller regularly to help with sore or tight muscles.


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Books & Items I Mentioned in 2020

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