Personalizing the Tips

The Generous Wife tips are designed to be a daily reminder to bless your husband. They also create a pool of ideas that you can use when you’re imagination goes belly up and you can’t think of anything to do.© Magomed Magomedagaev |

Personalize The Tips
We all have different marriage relationships and the tips can be used a number of ways. For example, if I suggest that you give your husband a shoulder massage when he comes home from work and your husband works at home, then consider giving him a shoulder massage when you know he’s been sitting at his desk for a long time or after coming in from doing some yard work. The idea is that you give him a little physical attention and relief from muscle pain. You know your husband, you pick the time and place.

Know Your Husband
Some tips are really going to bless your husband and others might not. If your husband doesn’t like people messing with his clothes then please don’t follow the “fix up his wardrobe” tip. Instead, buy him a new shirt or just compliment him on how nice he looks. The idea is to build him up by doing something for his appearance/clothes. You know your husband, you pick how to express the idea behind the tip.

Be Generous in Ways That Will Really Bless Your Husband
Most of us have received a gift that we really didn’t want, but that the giver wanted us to have. It’s a bit awkward and, tell the truth, wouldn’t you rather receive gifts that you want? Take this principle into consideration when being generous with your husband. Pay special attention to the tips that speak to your husband’s likes and needs. If he loves to spend time with you, then pay closer attention to the tips that offer ideas for quality time with him.

© Phimcree | Dreamstime.comYou Don’t Have to Do Every Tip, Every Day!
I would guess that most of us don’t have the time to do every tip, every day (but it would certainly be fun to try!). Please take the ideas that will work for you, that you have the time, money, and energy for, and bless your husband’s socks off.

When the Tip Just Won’t Work
And, of course, there will be some tips that will be totally unsuitable for your marriage. If it’s just about personal taste, not a problem, just skip the tip. If it’s an area of struggle for the two of you, use that day to pray for that area of your relationship. For example, if you are married to an unbeliever, your husband might not be blessed by having you “hug and pray for him when he’s struggling.” Instead pray quietly by yourself for your husband’s struggles and that he would have a developing hunger for God.

Please Use Common Sense / Get Help When You Need It
I offer the generous tips as a source of creative material for your marriages. The tips are designed to help you build intimacy and fun within your marriage.

1) Please use common sense. Think things through so that you will not upset, embarrass, or harm yourself or your husband.

2) If you are in an abusive marriage, get help. hotline: 1-800-799-7233

3) If you and your husband are having significant marriage troubles, get help.
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