The holidays are coming!!!!  When you are making your plans, consider simplifying and doing only the really important stuff.  Grab a pad and pencil, write down everything that you would like to do, circle and do the things that will really bless you, your husband and family.  Cut back on the rest or cross it off your list altogether.  Being an unfrazzled wife is on of the kindest, nicest things you can do for your husband.

Less is more. Robert Browning

Be generous!  Lori <><

Hand Signals

(Anyone in the Spokane, Washington area (USA) have an itch to play Guinea pig?  If so, please use the contact form to let me know.  I hope to find a few like minded gals to explore some small group dynamics where encouragement and hearing God’s direction are at play.  If it works out, I will happily share the results of our experiment with the online community at large (I’m hoping to make it very reproducible).  I just need a few gals in my neighborhood to walk with me and help me test out a theory.  Thanks, Lori <><)

Today’s Tip: Create a couple of “private signals” that you and your husband can use during the holiday season.  The “private” part builds intimacy between the two of you and the “signal part comes in handy during the social situations and busyness of the holidays.  Lightly tapping the back of his hand might mean, “I’m tired, can we wrap this up and head for home?”  Tugging your ear might mean, “I need a hug” or “please rescue me from this conversation.”  Don’t forget to create a few romantic/sexual signals as well.  (“Meet me in the bedroom,” “you look absolutely wonderful tonight,” etc.)

There was … language in their very gesture. William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale

Be generous!  Lori <><

Listening Ear

Listen calmly to your husband when he’s having a bad day or facing stressful problems.  You can offer him a bit of sympathy, encouragement or understanding, and possibly be a sounding board if he needs one (a listening ear if he doesn’t).

A friend is someone who helps you when you’re down, and if they can’t, they lay down beside you and listen. Author Unknown

Be generous!  Lori <><

Flavored Kiss

Try a new flavored lip gloss (there will be some great holiday ones coming out soon – cinnamon, berry, etc.) and ask your husband if he likes the flavor.

Your lips, my bride, drip honey; honey and milk are under your tongue … Song of Songs 4:11  NAS

Be generous!  Lori <><


Pray that your husband would have a sense of peace as he goes through the day.

The fruit of the Spirit is … peace …  Galatians 5:22  NIV

Be generous!  Lori <><

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