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The following folks have been guest writers for The Generous Wife.

Fawn of Happy Wives Club: Happiness is a Choice
Theresa of My Little World: Share Your Pie
Debi of The Romantic Vineyard: 10.5.1 Mall Date, Win or Dare Putt-Putt Date, & Time in a Bottle Date
Aja of  Making Love in the Microwave: The Driveway Wars 
Sheila of To Love, Honor and Vacuum: Finding the Passion
Megan of Do Not Disturb: Money, Marriage and Making It Work

The following are guest posts that I have written for other blogs/sites:

Transformed Magazine: The Sexual Revolution Redux
Happy Wives Clu: PEER PRESSURE … the good kind.
One Flesh Marriage: 5 Bloggers 5 Questions: The Generous Wife
The Confident Mom: Read Me a Lifetime of AdventureRomancing the HomeWhen Martians SpeakThe EndI See, Your Life is TodayGingerbread Cookies and Caroling
Praise and Coffee: Baby Steps for Moms, Making Your Marriage BetterTending Your Marriage Garden, Make a Plan


Guidelines for Submitting a Guest Post


Submit original work only. Put the content of your guest post in the email itself rather than as an attachment. I will respond within a week. Email me.

Material should not have been published elsewhere. You may publish a short blurb on your blog to point to your guest post and after three weeks feel free to use on your site and elsewhere. This gives me a small window to showcase your work without competition.

I would appreciate a short bio. You may include links to your site, blog, twitter, etc. A picture is nice too (.jpg is preferred).

I prefer short posts (250-500 words), but longer posts are OK. (I try to give guest bloggers a bit of break, not everyone is a bottom-liner like me. Just realize that my readership is here for a brief daily reminder to be generous to their spouse. If you run long my readership is less likely to stick with you, so I’m less likely to accept your post.)

Content should be about concepts that will help a wife grow her marriage ~ generosity, sexuality, spirituality, date ideas, romance, integrity, etc. ~ all relating back to the marriage relationship and growing intimacy.

You do not need to send a graphic/picture for your blog post. If you do, it needs to have a photo credit. I play by the rules (roll your cursor over any image). Again, .jpg preferred.

I will not accept posts with material contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

I will likely make comments before or after the post and I will give the post a gentle editing (if need be). If significant changes are needed, I’ll run it by the author first.

I do understand that writing is a lot of work. I appreciate those folks who value my blog, desire to contribute and make the time and effort to create a post. Declining to use a guest post is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of the post or the quality of the writing. It may just be that it is not a good fit for The Generous Wife or that I’m looking for a different style or direction.

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