Gift Ideas For Him

I don’t know what it is about guys, but they seem to be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. So in an attempt to remedy this problem, I’m going to list as many ideas as possible, sort of a brainstorming of creative possibilities. Use this list to inspire you, personalizing to your unique hubby.  Following that are some gift ideas from generous wives.  You can add your ideas too, as a comment to this post.


Buy a small notebook to record his preferences and interests. What is his favorite color? What are his hobbies? Does he have a favorite football team? Would he appreciate a homemade gift? Does he like personalized items? Monograms? Also write out his clothing sizes and any kind of information that you think you might need (like he’s missing a 3/4″ socket wrench).

Listen to what he talks about for clues to what he might like. For example if he likes a particular Ansel Adams photo, look for a calendar with work from AA or perhaps a coffee table book with loads of his pictures.

Look at how he spends his free time. What interests or activities is he involved in? Then look for items that will compliment his interests and likes.

Consider item gifts (a basketball), activity gifts (tickets to a game), and service gifts (coupon to do his least favorite chore).

Remember to give him something that he likes, rather than something that you want him to like.


a book that he has mentioned
a book by his favorite author
books or magazines about his favorite interests
membership in a book or reading club
a gift certificate to his favorite bookstore (you can do this online too)
a bookmark

Car Stuff
jumper cables
Fix-it-Flat (the big one with the hose)
latex gloves or towelettes with cleaner in them
a small tool kit for the trunk
a new CD
a cup holder that really works
a pouch for important car papers
a flashlight
a first aid kit
a seat pad
hand lotion,tissues and other travel toiletries

a tie
a hat
fun print boxers
new shoe laces for his tennis shoes
shoe polish or shoe care kit
belt or suspenders

an apron
mitts or hot pads
cooking or grilling tools
a chef’s hat
recipe books/magazines

Food & Entertaining
throw him a surprise party
bake up a batch of his favorite cookies
fix his favorite meal (or give him a coupon good for his favorite meal)
create a gift basket of fun or exotic foods

a new game
books/magazines on his favorite game
game equipment (like a new chess set or Scrabble pads)
computer game software

gardening tools
gardening tool organizer/container
a hose reel
a garden journal (a small notebook in which you record garden activity)
gardening books/magazines
garden/landscape design software

Hobby related gifts – for an existing hobby or perhaps to start a new one
books/magazines on the hobby of choice
hobby materials (like coin sleeves for the coin collector)

a ring
a tie tack
cuff links
fun pins
a watch

Just for Fun
a kite or other childhood toy
his favorite candy

Personal Items
any item that he tends to run out of (be sure to get his favorite style or brand)
a new wallet
“manly” stationary/notes, include some stamps
a journal with a great looking pen
framed photos

Relaxing Time
an arm chair caddy for the TV remote
new earphones for his sound system
a CD of his favorite artist
an afghan/throw for his favorite napping spot
a pillow for the same spot

a cushion for bleachers
a T shirt (or sweatshirt) for his favorite team
tickets to a game
coupon good for munchies and drinks during the Superbowl

Work or Desk
a briefcase or zippered folder
a business card holder or container
desk organizers
a calendar

This year and every year for his birthday for the past 3 years I have bought my husband his Promise Keepers Ticket. He loves to go, and always comes home so refreshed and strengthened in his faith. I also cook his favorite meal, and he gets dessert after all the children are in bed.

I gave sweet husband a rock climbing gift certificate for his birthday.

Birthday Ideas for men:
Season tickets for Sports team in your town that your husband likes to watch. (Could also buy an extra set for him to bring along a friend and maybe yourself once or twice during the season.)
Year of car wash tickets (options: 1 or 2 details, 1 or 2 waxes)
Gift certificate for The Sportsman Guide 1-800-888-5222
Tools – Newest power gadget always good. (Men like to compete – the more power and faster you can do something the better!)
Weekend trip that includes golf or tennis for him while you spend the day at the spa.
New Stereo System or a piece at a time and eventually add Surround Sound. (Need to discretely find out the brand he likes best.)
Design a Rec Room (Pool Table, Darts, Ping Pong, Fooz Ball, Air Hockey, etc.)
Camera (or accessories)
Big Screen TV
High Definition TV
NFL Package or Sports Package on Direct TV
Season Passes for family to local Theme Park
XM Radio Subscription
Sports Illustrated Subscription
Riding Lawn Mower
Gym Membership
New Rims for his Car (Find out which ones he wants!)
Gift Certificate or Gift Card for Movies
Update Car Seats in leather (Add wood steering and other options also)
GPS System
Computer or Computer Upgrade
Computer games
Play Station
Cell Phone (or upgrade to camera and internet access)

One year for my dh’s birthday I ordered pizzas and bought his favorite snack foods and drink (Dr Pepper). I invited his friends over to play games with him and hang out. I tried to stay out of the way, but close enough to help out if they needed anything. They had a blast! And my husband was very surprised. Guys need time with friends. This was a way to make time for that and to let him know I support his socializing.

Birthday Ideas for men:
Season tickets for Football, Arena Football, Basketball, Baseball

For my husband’s birthday last year I put together a book of letters for him. He was really feeling lonely and burdened with responsibility. Having a mortgage and two children, he worked so hard that he felt like he was losing touch with his friends. I secretly emailed all of his old friends from high school and college and asked them to share their favorite story involving my husband or something they admire about him in the form of a letter. I received almost 40 letters back. I printed each letter and cut it out in the shape of a heart. I even included one from our children. The very last letter in the book was a love letter from me, honoring him for the amazing man that he is. This gift brought tears to his eyes. He said it was the best gift that he had ever received.

My husband is so fussy and hard to shop for he generally just prefers cash to shop himself. However, this year my purchase was successful – I noticed that his favourite pair of trousers was getting a little ragged. I went and got a pair the same brand, same style and same size and he loves them. He says it is the best present I have got him.

We just celebrated my fiance’s birthday. He is one of those “impossible to buy for” men. So, I just tried to make him feel special throughout the evening. He knew I was taking him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant (which was already a treat because we rarely eat out). When I went to pick him up, I presented him with his first surprise, a container of tapioca pudding (his favorite dessert). At dinner, I gave him a nice card I had picked out. When we got in the car after dinner, I gave him his next gift, a CD containing the song we will use for the first dance at our wedding. Finally, back at his house, I gave him his last present. One of our first dates last fall was to go see the movie “The Notebook.” It inspired me to keep a journal of things we have done together, when we laugh, when we cry, the different feelings and emotions as our relationship has progressed, etc. He was unaware of this. So, for his final present, I told him about the journal and read him some of the passages, including a special tribute I wrote just for his birthday!

I have an idea that I have been trying to work out – hopefully I will be able to accomplish it this year for my hubby’s birthday! Most men love a special car/truck. For my husband it is the new Ford Thunderbird convertible. (This is a car that isn’t practical for our family and we can’t afford to buy one, so he can’t own it.) I want to rent one and take him out for his birthday to ride around with the top down. He can decide if he wants to eat out for dinner, or just spend the time feeling on top of the world in this car!

Last year my husband turned 40 and he was struggling with that age, it made him a little depressed. I arranged to have his parents come and stay with our 3 kids and secretly booked us a hotel room. I contacted his secretary at work and asked if she would help, she “booked” a fake meeting for the afternoon of his birthday and then I sent her a note that she was to present at the “meeting.” He showed up at the meeting and his secretary gave him the note. It told him to call me on my cell phone and he’d be given directions to what to do. I directed him to the hotel room where I was waiting dressed in a special outfit I knew he would like. We spent such a wonderful time together, and it wasn’t even all that expensive. He was so surprised and told me that it made turning 40 very fun.

My husband is a BIG movie buff. He keeps a running tab of his TOP 10 all time favorite movies. A few are from his childhood. So I take on the challenge of trying to find at least one of his all time favorites every so often for a gift giving occasion. He is always pleased and I know it is something personal because they are HIS favorites. IF I come across one that I know is hard to find, I will most likely buy it anyway just so he knows I am thinking of him. And believe me, trying to find ALL 10 of his top fav’s is no easy feat. LOL

I think any wife can personalize this by finding out what HER husband’s Top 10 all time favorite __________ is and keeping an out for those specific items.

One thing I found that my DH likes is when I take him on a mini vacation. I set our room up like a place we have been before or would like to go in the future but just can’t make it to at that time. I try to plan an activity that would occur there but that can be done in our bedroom. Example would be for Valentines day my DH was stressed so I gave him a mini Hawaiian vacation. Put leis all over the bed, put up an aloha sign on the wall, got a couple tropical plants, put hula skirts around our dresser and night stands and made him a tropical drink with fresh pineapple. I got an ocean CD to play in the background and gave him a foot soak/rub and a body massage. It was relaxing and took us back to where we once were able to visit…

My mother-in-law just took out a full page ad in the news paper for my father-in-law’s 50th birthday. She wrote a letter to him and each of his 3 children wrote a letter as well. It was a little expensive, but well worth it she said. He was truly honored and just cried reading it.

I came across a website that I thought was really cool. You type in your Earth birthday and it calculates, using that info, when your birthday happens on all the other planets in our solar system. I plan on sending my husband a birthday card on the day that would be his birthday if we were on Mars, Mercury, etc. Check it out!

My husband’s birthday is coming up towards the end of April, so this is a subject I’ve been thinking about lately. So far, I have:
-A couple bottles of a special type of root beer (He loves it, but we rarely have it–too much sugar. So it is a token that caters to one of his favorite preferences).
-Blueberry bushes for our garden (he LOVES blueberries, and pointed out these particular plants in a garden catalog I received).
-A framed picture and poem that speaks of “God the Potter”. (We’ve recently come through a difficult financial time and struggled with the tests God had for us in that…So the message of that poem speaks to our recent experiences).

For one of our more memorable anniversaries, I prepared months in advance and saved money, then I asked hubby if I could have extra and didn’t tell him why. I made reservations at the motel where we spent our wedding night. I bought a new nightie, new perfume, packed everything he and I would need for an overnight, ordered ahead and paid for room service, got to the motel at check in time which was several hours before he got off work. Before I went to the motel, I placed little note hints all over his truck. Ex. the first one on the steering wheel, said something like, “If you are looking for a good time, look under the hood”, then under the hood was a note a little more enticing telling him to look in the glove box, then in the bed of the truck, then finally behind his seat with the name of the hotel, room number and letting him know I had EVERYTHING he’d need for a very enjoyable night…………. He loved it, made it to the hotel in record time, panting because he hurried so much. I met him at the door after a wonderfully long bubble bath and all the proper grooming, hot rollered my hair and made it big like he liked it and waited for him in my new nightie. When he got there, I made him a deep hot bubble bath, then gave him a wonderful all over massage with scented oil. At the appointed time, room service knocked at the door and we had a wonderful dinner together. It was an anniversary he will never forget!!!!!

Here is a website my sister told me about last November, This site is for Christians who want to spice up their marriage beds. Their products would make great gift items.

This idea is very fresh as I just completed it last night while my husband was away on a business trip. I was over at his folks house and went through boxes of photos. I made copies of the ones of my husband from infant to adult. A ‘life’s story’ scrapbook is a lovely idea to show how you celebrate his life and appreciate him I filled the pages with praise and love toward him. It took days to complete but it was a joy as I was doing it for him. Now I just have to wait for his birthday…….

Here are some things I have done for my hubby that he has really enjoyed! The key is paying attention year round to things that he is interested in. Be willing to research into things that you might not be familiar with to learn about what makes your hubby happy.
1. An electric airplane, keep that kid spirit alive!
2. I wrote a personalized speech about my hubby and had it engraved into a plaque
3. My husband really enjoys cigars so I researched and found him a humidor so he could keep his goodies at home. I purchased his fav cigars to start the collection.
4. One day while my hubby was at work I employed my parents to help me create a workout room because exercise is very important to him. We painted and hung mirrors and put a new weight bench in the room and added “gym like” accessories. He really enjoyed this.

I just couldn’t resist sending an idea I did for my hubby for his birthday years ago. How about matching the number of gifts as the year that you’re celebrating? Would you believe it – for his 40th birthday – I gave him 40 gifts! You have to think ahead, but I think I gave one $20 gift, all the others were a few bucks or less. He’s not one to get excited over such things, but he so enjoyed it and even commented – while opening them – that it was better than Christmas. Of course, you have to think ahead. Just find a place to keep little things you see in the months before his special day. Nearly 20 years later, he’s still enjoying some of these gifts – simple things, as a duck-shaped pencil sharpener, and an organizer for his office. Wrap them up individually and he’ll be surprised with so many gifts to unwrap. Of course, you can include any personal ‘gift certificates’ in his card! Can’t go wrong with that kind of giving!

The same year, I also planned a to-help-him-feel-young-again birthday party. Even though we had decorated with black crepe paper, and pretend spiders and vultures, and all dressed like old folks – I had all the guests give him some kind of ‘kids toy’. It was such a blast and he kept the teething ring in his truck for many years afterwards.

Here’s my off-the-top-of-the-head suggestion – write your own “Song of Solomon” for him. It’s surprisingly hard to put all the things into words, but it’s worth a try. Don’t expect to get it out in one go. I’m a natural writer and I can barely get a sentence out per day. In this gift, he will be doubly blessed, as every day, your thoughts are bent upon him, and what you love about him.. and how to put into words these wonderful things. It’s a nice gift for both of you. You gain a greater appreciation for him, and he gets your writing and the full force of your attentions.

My husband has always been hard to buy for (except clothes), but the two best presents I ever got for him were: 1) one of those alarm clocks that shines the time on the ceiling (he works until 1 am and always comes home in the dark); and 2) signing him up for classes at the local continuing adult ed. Their assortment meets just about every interest; the two best were: Starting Your Own Business, and Cajun Cooking!

This year for my husband’s birthday I really wanted him to feel special. I got him three categories of gifts: work, need, play. Work was things he had mentioned he wanted to make his work easier. Need was some clothes to replace the old worn stuff. Fun was REALLY fun! I got him some desk toys and a DVD and the last fun gift was some lingerie (for me to wear) wrapped in an ice cream box with a note that said: Describe your ultimate date and I’ll make it happen…We’ll come home for dessert!

For my husband last year for his birthday, I started a birthday tradition for him.
I bought a spiral bound journal, took a single shot of each of our four children with a nice background. Then I put the picture on one side of the page and had each child write on the opposite side a memory of them and their dad, or something funny they remember him doing in the past year or even something they appreciate about their father. The last page is reserved for a picture of me and my very own memory or encouraging words. Now every year for his birthday we put new pics and new memories in the book and we will do so each year until it is full. So in a few years he can pull out his book and not only see how his children have grown physically over the years, but he gets to re-live some good times also.

My husband likes to eat out so on his Birthday last year I took him out to a place he likes to go. Also he has said that he likes to just stay at home and veg out, not HAVE to go anywhere.

I also got him a different birthday cake last year, he likes cheesecake so I got that. It was from Junors Cheese Cakes they can be found at under food and gifts. I have had several and never had a problem with them through the mail. They come in a nice box with dry ice so they stay fresh.

On birthday gifts, my husband and I usually just let the other pick out their own gift and then we go to dinner with out the kids!! And with having three kids ages 7,5,& 2 that is a gift in itself lol!!! But we do this cause he is all into tools and car stuff and well lets face it, when it comes to car stuff …… I probably get him the wrong tool set, or buy him a flash light and think it is those lights that you hang over the hood lol!!

This way we both are happy. He gets what he wants and I still get the gratitude of he got exactly what he wanted!! Of course most of the time we really do not even do birthday gifts, 3 kids on military pay does not leave room for extra money. (I’m a stay home mom) Most of our money goes to kids and bills!! But anyhow that is what we do in our family, and its work for what will be 9 yrs this October! Hope this is helpful!

My husband would really like a 2005 Ford Mustang convertible, but we can’t afford it. So for a birthday/Father’s Day combo gift I am going to rent one for a weekend for him from Enterprise.

So here are a few ideas.
1. Buy him tickets to an event he wants to go to, (sports and stuff).
2. Buy him a gift certificate to his favorite tool store!
3. Give him a sexual, non-sexual, or both coupon book. (good for I free back rub, sexual fantasy, date where he wants, free oil change, (you take the car yourself), favorite meal, etc. You get the idea. You can either buy them (from a local Passion Party consultant) or you can just get some pretty paper and just make them.
4. Buy his favorite movie, book, or board game
5. Have a star named after him.
6. Book him and a friend (or yourself) a fishing or hunting trip.

A weekend Getaway is always welcomed by my husband. I make arrangements for a sitter, clear his schedule with work or anything else and GO!! We’ll do this any time of year, not just a birthday though.

Last year for my husband’s birthday I found a set of five picture frames that were linked together as one piece. I took five pictures of our little girl. In each picture she is holding a letter of the word “Daddy”. I took pieces of poster board and cut out the letters in the large size. I only needed three pieces of poster board because I used the same “d” in three of the pictures. I used similar backgrounds and all the pictures show a continuity to the set. Different backgrounds could add some pizzazz. Just be creative. This frame sits on my husband’s desk, and he is tickled to death with it. He loves showing it off.

For my husband – he loves anything personalized with pictures of his family. I tried giving him books with cute messages written in them but he won’t read them. But – if I blow up a nice picture of him and [our son] – he loves it! A t-shirt, mousepad, love notes with pictures hidden all over the house, golf balls, etc……. a lot of these things you can make on the computer and get as creative as you want :0) Also – golf tickets or sporting tickets so he can spend quality time with [our son] is a big winner :0) Or sometimes little things like – taking [our son] to school and not waking him up to do it or making sure his favorite breakfast is ready in the morning …

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