It’s Been 3 Months

Three months ago I shared with y’all that I needed some time off to pray and rest. Health issues hit at the same time and that made it easier to take care of myself.

In dealing with the kidney stones, a scan showed a mass in my uterus. There was a biopsy (non-malignant), an attempt to remove it (sadly, it’s tucked in the lining of the uterus), and now a hysterectomy … tomorrow (I would appreciate your prayers).

So, I need a few more days off to take care of myself (no lifting anything over 10 pounds and generally taking it easy).


On a happier note, I finally have quail. :) They are so cute and growing fast (they are, however, poop monsters).

Take care and hug your sweetie. :) Talk to you in a few.
Lori <><

15 Comments on “It’s Been 3 Months

  1. Thank you, Lord, for your care over Lori in this time. I ask you guide the doctors for a smooth, uneventful and successful surgery and recovery.
    In Jesus’ name,

  2. You will certainly be in my prayers. God never leaves us and he’ll be right there with you tomorrow. Soon, you’ll be fully recovered and good as new. God bless you and your family.

  3. Lots of prayers for a smooth surgery and quick recovery! You’ve been dealing with a lot! Miss your wonderful insights but glad you can take care of yourself! I’ll continue the prayers for you and your sweetie.

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