I Really Am on Hiatus :)

OK, so I keep seeing this really good marriage resource and I just can’t not share it. :) Julie of Intimacy in Marriage shared this resource and has a code to get the bundle at a discount. Do check it out.

20 Amazing Marriage Resources for ONLY $1 EACH. Yes, You Read that Correctly.

That said, I’ve missed y’all. :)

I’ve been resting and thinking. I’ve also had some spin-off health issues from the kidney stones. In all the scanning they found a mass in my uterus (that thankfully turned out to be benign, but it still has to be dealt with). God is so good in His timing and care.

I’ve been chasing grandkids, raising bunnies, and doing lots of weeding in my garden. (Why is it that weeds grow so fast?) And I have been doing some writing which I hope to share more about that when I come back from hiatus.

I hope y’all are having great fun over the summer.

Take care. Lori <><

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4 Comments on “I Really Am on Hiatus :)

  1. We miss you too. Three months is a long time to wait. I enjoy reading both the generous wife and the generous husband. Without the generous wife it feels like my day is only half complete.

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