Marriage Care

My husband is tilling next to our garden as I type. We want to add some raspberries and the soil is poor and weed-heavy.

If we’re ever going to have a good raspberry patch, we need to till and remove the weeds. We’ll have to add some good soil and compost too (it’s heavy clay soil). Then yearly we’ll add bunny poo, pick weeds and prune out the old shoots to make room for the new shoots that produce the berries. It’s an ongoing process of care to keep the soil and plants healthy and producing.

raspberries on the vine

Made me think of marriage a bit (surprise).

Marriage needs that same kind of attention. Keep adding marriage teaching, watch out for and deal with red flags, spend time together, and stay appropriate to your season in life.

It’s an ongoing process of care.

Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get.

H Jackson Brown Jr

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