Use Your Words

❤ ❤ ❤ 30 days to Valentine’s Day! ❤ ❤ ❤

Look for an opportunity to say something encouraging to your man.

I’m proud of you.
Thank you for (something specific).
I value your opinion.
You are my best friend.
You’re a great lover.
You are so gifted when it comes to …

wife giving husband a heart with encouraging words

Look for something you love about your husband and tell him about it. Praise his good qualities and his service to you and others.

Praise, like sunlight, helps all things to grow.

Croft M. Pentz
  • Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you see your husband’s strengths and abilities.
  • Come Home for Comfort: Two Game Changing Laundry Habits Little habits can make a huge difference.
  • The Simplicity Habit: How to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary Breathe. Relax.
  • The Week in Review: Have you …
           … committed to growing your marriage?
           … talked through practical solutions with your sweetie?
           … embraced failure as a learning tool?
           … asked yourself what your feelings are for your husband?
           … asked yourself, “How can I love my husband well today?”
           … brainstormed a few plans for Valentine’s Day?
           … complimented your sweetie?

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