Bedroom Jewelry

I mentioned lingerie a few days ago (Mentionables), but another bedroom option is jewelry.

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necklace displayed on rocks

Necklaces that have a pretty bit hanging at breast level or dangling earrings are a good choice. Perhaps an ankle bracelet or a delicate waist chain. There is even jewelry for your private bits (I have yet to find a nice source for buying them, however).

Play within your comfort zone and wear something fun in the bedroom. (When you wear that item later, it’s a given he’s thinking about how you wore it in the bedroom.) :)

Only wear jewelry on days ending with “y”. Author Unknown

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.
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2 Comments on “Bedroom Jewelry

  1. If I bedazzled my lady bits, hubby would either laugh or think it icky. One of my kiddos has become overweight during the pandemic lockdown and I’ve put on a few pounds, myself. He’s a bit hard on himself, so I figured the best thing is to lose weight together. I’m thinking as my waistline becomes more svelt, I might add a belly chain. I think hubby would like that visual and I would find it sexy. My waist is highly sexual to me and with the added pounds, I just don’t feel strong and sexy in that area right now. Now, to just figure out how to lose the weight, slim the waistline, but not lose the glorious breasts I developed from the added weight.

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