Way Back Wednesday – For a Whole Week

(Originally posted on April 23, 2018.)

I find that if I read too much, I don’t really take what I read to heart. I might nod my head and agree, maybe even agree it’s something I ought to do, but it doesn’t always stick and produce fruit. It’s sort of like running water. All that knowledge just runs through my brain and I’m fascinated by the flow, but I don’t really stop to drink.

neon light that says "for a whole week"

I fight this tendency by taking something of value and thinking about it for a week. I will pray about it, mutz around in it, and find ways to live it out. Sometimes I even sit on it for a month or two or twelve.

In what area of your marriage do you and your husband struggle? Is there one small thing you could consider, pray about, and practice for a week (or more)?

The key to success isn’t just thinking about what we are doing but doing something about what we are thinking. Peter Senge

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