Transition Times

The other morning I woke up early (too early really) so I laid in bed talking to God. My mind wandered here and there and settled on our kitchen (which we will partially remodel sometime in the next year or two). I had several ideas so I finally got out of bed to draw them out so I wouldn’t forget them.

I had a couple of hours of thinking, drawing, writing, and reading before my husband got up. I was well into my day and my mind was on a roll.

Not so much my dear husband.

I hit him right off with my brilliant kitchen remodel idea. (He hadn’t even had his coffee yet.) As you might guess he gave me the blinky-blinky look and asked for mercy.

tired husband

Later in the day, the reverse happened. He was on a roll with ideas and activities and I was winding down my workday. I couldn’t keep up.

My point in the story is to encourage us all to watch out for those transition times and be kind and thoughtful.

When your sweetie is just getting home from work, it might not be the best time to hit him with a serious discussion. When you’re cleaning up after lunch and getting ready to run errands it’s far harder to stop and talk through plans for the weekend. If your husband is not a morning lark, don’t ask him to make a hard decision first thing in the morning. When you’re getting your family in the car to head to church, don’t make heavy decisions or have hard discussions. Too much is going on and you’re not likely to be in a similar place.

During those times of transition, give your sweetie a bit of space and kindly ask for it as you have need.

Being considerate of others will take (you and) your children further in life than any college degree. Marian Wright Edelman (parenthesis mine)

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2 Comments on “Transition Times

  1. My husband and I have both been guilty of jumping into sharing an idea or asking an important question when the time isn’t right. This is a fantastic reminder. It’s a simple thing, but I think it can make a big difference.

    • Paul and I both are a bit quirky when it comes to getting our attention to talk. I’m really trying to get his attention and make sure it’s a good time before I launch into sharing my thoughts. It’s not only kind, it’s just terribly sensible. :)

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