Corral the Fussy Effect

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From time to time, Paul and I will have a fussy period. We’re just a little short with each other and grumpiness is a shadow over the house. When that happens we try to pause and then make a time to talk about it (not when we’re tired, hungry, really busy, or really stressed).

We’ve also learned it’s helpful to pick a place to talk about hard subjects. Years ago it was the love seat in our bedroom. It was private (no kids allowed) and it meant we didn’t have fussiness all over the house. (Of course, we could have fun conversations there too, but it limited the hard conversations to one place).

love seat - a place to have hard conversations

It was helpful because it showed us how often we were fussy and pushed us to articulate our thoughts about the problem (we were there for that purpose). It also meant that most of our house was governed by kind words. It was OK to acknowledge problems and talk them out, but they had to be handled in a way that minimized the “fussy effect” over the rest of our home.

What would be a good spot in your home to have those serious conversations?

Daring greatly means the courage to be vulnerable. It means to show up and be seen. To ask for what you need. To talk about how you’re feeling. To have the hard conversations. Brené Brown 

  • Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you and your husband corral and deal with your fussiness.
  • Heaven Made Marriage: Keeping Your Connection When Life is CRAZY The most important goal in marriage is intimacy.
  • Of the Hearth: Be Kind Yeah, what she said.
  • The Week in Review: Have you …
           … planned a fun treat to look forward to each week?
           … invited your spouse into the important decisions?
           … picked a couple of silly holidays to celebrate with your husband?
           … encouraged your man to explore. learn, and build a happy life?
           … started making plans for Valentine’s Day?
           … been randomly kind to your sweetie?
           … created a “serious talk” spot in your house?

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