Happy Nude Year

Make this the year of a lot of skin on skin.

Please understand that I live in Washington state where temperatures can fall into the negative teens (Fahrenheit). If I can make naked happen here in the land of brrrr, anyone can.

Sleep naked. (OK, you can wear socks.) Put a small heater in your bedroom. Make Sunday afternoon nap time (put a lock on your door if you have kids). Play strip poker (or whatever) on your private monthly game night. Take a shower together on the weekends.

Look for opportunities to wear nothing and give yourself and your man the gift of skin on skin.

And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed. Genesis 2:25 ESV

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10 Comments on “Happy Nude Year

  1. I am not a Puritan,
    and I am not a prude,
    but one thing is for certain,
    no-one shall see me nude.
    It’s not that I am now ashamed
    of what I have become,
    but really, I am kind of drained,
    and really kind of numb
    to see the tumours growing
    (some cast shadows all their own),
    and see in this the knowing
    that soon I’ll be called Home.
    When full-dressed, I can pretend
    that this life will never end.

  2. Happy Nude Year. Not DH favorite. A little clothing with easy access is what He likes for sure. Hide some of the assets and add the thrill of exploring. Just my snap front gown, my black gown with stockings, and the list goes on. Nude is cool but here the veiled seeing with easy access is a real head turner for the DH. Plus along the way I might get ravished and that sounds great. Play time for sure.

  3. Lol. Honestly, I wish that would happen. My wife still covers up when I’m around, or when I walk in if she’s changing. We’ve been married since 2000. My wife has a lot of issues regarding sex. It’s not because she doesn’t think I don’t think she’s attractive. She tells me I make her feel beautiful. She is to me. Oh well, I can hope.

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