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I was sitting with a couple of friends talking about life when one of the gals mentioned how words don’t always mean the same thing to people. In any given conversation her husband might take her words to mean something quite different than she intended.

This lead to more conversation about communication skills and stating things a couple of different ways, asking questions, asking for feedback, using word pictures, etc..

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Just a reminder that even though you and your husband speak the same language, miscommunication can still happen. Take the time to communicate well and simply. If your conversation feels a bit off, it probably is. Stay patient. Be willing to ask a question or two. Perhaps ask him to say what he heard or offer a word picture.

It’s worth the extra time and effort to make sure you’ve heard each other well.

Communication works for those who work at it. John Powell

  • Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you and your husband communicate well.
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  • The Week in Review: Have you …
           … given a higher priority to church community?
           … given some thought to your marriage priorities?
           … considered giving your husband a small daily gift?
           … bought a book as a gift?
           … looked for opportunities to compliment or thank your sweetie?
           … considered options for growing your marriage?
           … taken care to speak clearly?

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