First and Last

Today is the first Sunday of the month and time for a cyber prayer meeting. It is also our last time of prayer in 2019.

I am blessed each month to know there are several thousand women praying for my marriage and I’m delighted to return the favor and pray for yours.

woman praying

Let’s pause one more time and pray for each other as we walk through the end of this year and move into the next. Please pray for wisdom and courage. A little laughter and fun would be good too. :) Pray for better marriage skills and help for those problems that are overwhelming marriages. May our marriages be a testament of God’s faithfulness and ability to shine through us.

I’ll meet y’all again next year on the first Sunday of each month.  :)

Prayer is the greatest of all forces, because it honors God and brings him into active aid. E.M. Bounds

  • PrayerPrompt: Ask God to work in the marriages of generous wives everywhere (family and friends too).
  • CouplesQuestion: In what ways do you feel old? Young?

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