November Overview

We made it to Thanksgiving without any snow. Paul and I have a few more small projects to do to winterize our home, but the few things we have left can be done whether there is snow on the ground or not.

Thanksgiving Day was a lovely time with family and friends at our son and DIL’s home. Twenty-three people showed up and we had 27 pies (there is a family rule that says you have to have more pies than people, gotta love this family).

My personal goals:

Goal #1a – Read a book from Proverbs each day.
Goal #1b – Read daily from New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp.
Goal #1c – A slower, deeper study of 1 Timothy Romans.

I’m on schedule with Proverbs, my devotional, and the small group Romans study (though that is somewhat on hold because of the holidays). Linda (the other MIL), Sarah (extended family on the property), and I are starting an informal Bible study (to read and discuss Philippians). We know that sooner or later the snow will limit our mobility so we might as well start something here for the winter. They are good friends and I look forward to it.

Goal #2a – Read 15 minutes a day. (I can read more, but this is my minimum.)

I’m a bit scattered in my reading these days so I didn’t finish any books, but I am back to building the habit of reading each day.

Goal #2b – Take two courses this year. Done!

2 Courses: done!
  Make Over Your Calendar course by Crystal Paine
  Create Your Intentional Life Masterclass eCourse by Brittany Ann

Goal #3a – Fix my hair every day (no more brush and go days)
Goal #3b – work on my wardrobe

I recently got my hair cut and it’s a bit on the short side. What that means practically is my hair looks really scary first thing in the morning (it even scares me). So, I’m doing very well at fixing my hair each day. :)

I haven’t added to my wardrobe this month, but what I have is fairly workable. I’m hoping to do a bit of shopping in December and January.

Goal #4a – Do Kegel exercises daily (with increasing numbers).
Goal #4b – Drink one more glass of water (than I usually do) each day.
Goal #4c – Meditate daily (just me and Jesus hanging out).

I upped the number of Kegel exercises I’m doing just a bit.

I haven’t been too terribly good at water consumption. When the season changed it upended some of my habits. I’m working at creating a few new habits, like every time I run over to see my DIL I make a point of getting a glass of water before I sit down. That sort of thing.

Meditation. Hmm. It’s a challenge, but I’ll keep working on it. (I had no idea I was so distractable.)

Goal #5a – One Zentangle tile a week using my word list
Goal #5b – Birdhouses??? (postponed until winter)

It’s exciting to come to the end of my 2019 Zentangle challenge. I have 7 more tiles to go to finish up the year.

Goal #6 – Get rid of 500 250 items from my house.

I didn’t make much headway on this goal this month. I’m planning on going through my kitchen after Thanksgiving (it needs a thorough cleaning). Hopefully, that will put me over 250. I’m up to 222 items. (220 past items + 1 book, set of cards)

Goal #7 – Actually DO one Pinterest pin a month.

I ran across a pin about using Trello as a bullet journal. I was intrigued because though I love my hard copy bullet journal, something I could access from my phone, tablet, and computer would be really nice (and you can’t lose or misplace all your tech).

So, I’m giving it a try. I’m going to work with it for a few months to see if it can accomplish everything I need in bullet journal fashion.

On to December. Tryin’ to keep it simple.

Make pies, not war. Author Unknown

  • PrayerPrompt: Ask God to help you stay calm and joyful in this next month.
  • A Wife Like Me: Hold On To Your Peace He makes the difference.
  • A Wife Like Me: The Little Things He Does Flip the narrative from irritation to investment.
  • The Week in Review: Have you …
           … encouraged yourself to be faithful to your husband and marriage?
           … looked for ways to play with comparisons for a little fun?
           … said thank you when your husband complimented you?
           … looked for a good book on married sexuality?
           … considered why you are grateful for your husband?
           … looked for opportunities to serve your husband in small ways?
           … shared a piece of pie with your sweetie?

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3 Comments on “November Overview

  1. Your small group Bible study sounds fun. Are you going to have any study source/book or just keep it simple?

    I know what you mean about meditation, I write down the things that pop into my mind while I’m trying to spend time with God and get sidetracked, that way later, my to-do list is rounded out. :D

    Your zentangle tiles are great! How did you come up with your themed list? Do you have a plan for 2020? I usually just fly by the seat of my pants and see what the online community prompts and challenges are. ;)

    I’m too distractable to attempt an electronic bujo. I hope it works for you though.

    Great job on your goals!!! You are really rockin’ it!

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