Little Kindnesses

I’ve mentioned a few times that I raise rabbits. During the winter, my DIL, Forest (isn’t that a cool name) and I only keep our breeding stock. Our guys built us a temporary rabbit barn under our new snow roof (the ultimate bunny barn is still in the planning stages).

That said, the bunnies are up by my house and I’m doing the winter feeding and care because of it. I’m OK with that (Forest does most of the summer care), but sometimes I’m tired or it’s cold outside so it’s not as much fun (and then there is Bark, my grandson’s bunny that looks for opportunities to pee on me, I’m not kidding).

Well, the other evening, I was going to check on them to make sure they had water (a few of them are quite talented and can unhook and upend their water containers). I mentioned I was going out and Paul offered to check on them for me. He was already headed out to do something else so it was just a bit of extra work for him.

I probably should call that a “big” kindness instead of a “small” kindness, but really it was very thoughtful of him. It saved me a trip into the cold and kept me safe from Bark’s pee attack.

When you are going about your day, look for little ways to bless your man. If you’re getting a drink, ask him if he’d like one as well. If you’re running errands, is there something you can pick up for him too? Is he tired and sore? Reach over and give him a shoulder and neck massage.

Small things speak love and sometimes they can be really big expressions of love.

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. Scott Adams

  • PrayerPrompt: Ask God to help you see opportunities to bless your husband with small kindnesses.
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