Shop. Don’t Drop.

I have a minimalist bent. I live in an RV and I don’t have a lot of room for stuff. I was headed that way before the RV (the kids were growing up and (mostly) taking their stuff with them). I liked having less to take care of and less to clean. I could easily find my art bag or my favorite socks.

Then the holidays …

What do you do with a holiday that involves a lot of gift-giving?

empty shopping bag

Paul and I started asking for gifts that we could use up ~ tickets to a show (the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is amazing), a gift certificate from our favorite coffee shop, munchies, etc. Replacement gifts are good too. Ukelele strings eventually break and you need new ones. My gardening tools always take a beating, so new ones are appreciated. I go through art supplies and they are small!

I realize that not everyone approaches life the way I do. My point here is that gift-giving should bless folks, not add to the burden of stuff (unless there is some specific stuff they want).

Science has long known that experience gifts are more appreciated than item gifts. Sign your friend up for that class she wants or invite friends to a Christmas concert as your gift (with hot cocoa following).

I like creating gift baskets that enable family fun (like games and munchies or a selection of DVDs for movie night).

I have also seen the gift guideline of “something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.” That would be a great way to simplify family gift giving and make the gifts more personal and meaningful.

OK, enough. Just a reminder, you are about to be hit with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and a host of gift buying opportunities. Think it through, discuss it with your hubby man, and buy gifts that will bless your family and friends. Have a game plan. Don’t get run over by the commercialism of the season.

Less stuff. More life. Author Unknown

#PrayerPrompt: Ask God to help you and your husband buy/make meaningful and fun gifts for the holidays.

The Generous Husband: Some Failure is a Good Thing Set the bar so you’re challenging yourself to grow.

All is Calm Solutions: Christmas Decorating A simple guideline that can make your holidays much easier.

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5 Comments on “Shop. Don’t Drop.

  1. I love this!!! My hubby and I are like this for ourselves. Gifts we need or use, instead of pretty items I probably won’t use after the holiday. My husband was like this before. We got married, and he rubbed off on me. Our extended families were like this until we gifted our parents gift-card trees to their favorite restaurants and Got a few certificates for experiences, like painting classes for my FIL. As they get older, they are becoming more minimalist in their giving. I don’t think there’s an issue if someone prefers the big/mass volume gifting, I think that just boils down to preference.

  2. We’ve done the something you want, need, to wear, to read, with our last 2 kids at home for several years. I do cheat with the stockings though and sometimes put 2 gifts into one category so I’m not a purist on that but it made it so much easier. My daughter in law is down to pictures of the grandkids which is always a perfect gift. Anything else is to be useful—kitchen items that are needed or to replace worn out ones. Very timely reminder for us that “stuff” isn’t needed.

  3. The best gift in the world would be for our medical debt to be gone. Tens of thousands of dollars paid for would be a true gift.

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