Stop Comparison in Its Tracks

I both love and hate Pinterest.  :)

It’s an amazing resource for creative ideas, but, if we are not careful, it can fuel self-doubt and a lack of gratitude. The comparison between Pinterest (the perfect picture cropped just right) and our world (the slightly askew Christmas tree and the not so perfect fudge) can be lethal.

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This season, have fun making your home lovely and welcoming, but please do keep an eye on your thought life. When you start feeling a bit down on yourself (or your home or your marriage) stop, look around at your life, and begin to list all the good. Tell God how amazing He is and thank Him for all He has given you. (Praise music is helpful too.)

Stop comparison and self-doubt in its tracks. It is a destructive habit and we have so much to be grateful for.

The struggle ends when the gratitude begins. Neale Donald Walsh

#PrayerPrompt: Ask God to fill your heart with gratitude and help you walk away from the comparison trap.

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One Comment on “Stop Comparison in Its Tracks

  1. It depends on the direction from which you approach comparison…

    Comparison’s the causal link
    to a life that’ll make you sad,
    for if you ever really think
    you’re tough as me, you’re mad.
    For breakfast I eat iron,
    at lunch I spit out nails.
    I write poetry like Byron,
    and sell it by the bales.
    To me fear is a stranger,
    and when I stroll through Hades
    the devil senses danger
    that puts his in the shade.
    Some may say that I’m conceited,
    but they’re the ones that I’ve defeated.
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