Just in Case

My son runs a construction company with a couple of other guys. I’m so proud of them. They are all setting up life insurance that will benefit their families and the company. If one of them bites the dust, it won’t be a financial hardship for others.

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No one wants to think about dying, but what a kindness it is to get insurance so that your family is financially taken care of if something should happen. No one needs financial hardship on top of personal loss.

Be kind to your spouse. Talk to your insurance agent soon and set up life insurance for you and your husband (term life insurance is relatively simple and inexpensive).

In fair weather prepare for foul. Thomas Fuller

#PrayerPrompt: Ask God to help you and your husband plan for future needs.

I am an Organizing Junkie: Could this ONE step be the answer to your disorganization? Take that last step.

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