The Hunt was a Bust

We’ve seen a few morel mushrooms scattered about so Paul and I and extended family made plans to go morel hunting. You look for a place that has a burn in the near past, recent rain, and a nice sunny day.

The Hunt was a Bust - Let go of plan A and enjoy the day.

Apparently, it was a little too cold.  We found a couple of small ones here and there, but for the most part, it was a bust.

About halfway through the day, Paul and I decided to let it go and just have fun with our family.

cutie pie grandson

The countryside was amazingly beautiful. We did find a cold mountain spring that had been turned into a water spot (our grandson was in little boy heaven) and our daughter-in-law found a few coral mushrooms (that are yummy fried up in butter). The round tummy in the background is my our new grandson in the making.

coral mushroom

Aside from a few mosquito bites, we had a grand time.

When you are faced with something that goes bust, can you let it go and enjoy the day anyway? Nobody plans for or wants failed plans. What a gift to those around you to be pleasant and turn the day into fun.

If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters – 204 if you’re in Japan.  Claire Cook

Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you stay gracious and flexible when plans go awry. 

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4 Comments on “The Hunt was a Bust

  1. Here in Florida, rain, rain, rain all week. Mushrooms will be popping up in the yard with all this moisture. I don’t know enough about edible mushrooms, but I know the dogs, cats, and chickens ignore them so I do too.
    Here’s to another happy hunting day!

    • Thanks. :) Morels are pretty distinct. It’s hard to mistake them or eat the wrong thing. The rest of the mushrooms are a mystery to me, so I leave them where I find them.

  2. If they don’t sell them at the local grocery…even then I’ve seen some odd looking ones I won’t touch.

    And congradulations on the new grandbaby! Ours is due end of June but our daughter is having trouble with her blood pressure and heart rate dropping so she may deliver early. Prayers will be accepted with thanks.

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