Stand Your Ground

Awhile back I was witness to a very interesting discussion. One gal seemed intent on labeling another gal’s husband and framing a certain situation unkindly.

Stand Your Ground - Don't let negative words stand unchallenged.

I was very impressed with the kindness and patience of the other gal. When the one woman labeled the husband harshly (and I thought unfairly), she very simply restated her words using kinder and more truthful labels. She wasn’t rude. She was just firm. She didn’t let the negative words stand unchallenged.

The other gal finally gave up after a bit because she couldn’t make any ground.

Wow! Way to stand up for your husband!

I learned a lot from the kind and gentle way she corrected someone who was attempting to shame and blame her husband.

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.  Abraham Lincoln

Prayer Prompt: Ask God to give you wise words and enable you to stand up for your man.

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