Goals are Tools Not Rules

The other morning I woke up feeling anxious (like I had too much to do and there wasn’t enough time in my day).

This is the very thing I am working against. My personal goals are designed to help me do the activities that are important to me and keep me from being overloaded and overwhelmed.

I realized it was an attitude issue, one that I have to stay on top of. My goals are not in charge. They don’t get to demand my obedience (and typically perfection). My goals are tools that help me live out my values and dreams. My goals don’t own me. I own them for a purpose and I can remain flexible in them (because some days life just happens in your face).

Goals are Tools Not Rules -  What could your marriage look like?

I got to thinking about marriage. When I first married I had a lot of “marriage have to’s.” There were things I thought you had to do to have a happy marriage, to be a good wife, or do things “right.” Turns out most of them were reflections of family or societal values.

Over the years, Paul and I have thought about and talked through what we believe God intends for marriage and what that might look like for us in our unique marriage. And, really, it’s much the same thing. Rules pushing in from the outside just tend to make you feel anxious and overwhelmed, but thoughtful goals that express values and beliefs tend to breathe life into your marriage (and it’s easier to stay flexible when you hit a difficult season).

I encourage y’all to talk through your marriage beliefs and values with your husband. How do you want to live? What values are biblical? Not? What could your marriage look like?

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier. Roy Disney

Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you and your husband create a marriage that reflects your values and beliefs.

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