Fixing the Disconnect

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One of my 2018 goals is to read the Bible selection for the day (I’m reading with a group from my church) and comment at least once a week on the church forum (more would be better). Well, over the last couple of months I’ve struggled to comment.

After thinking about it for awhile, I realized the problem had to do with where I read and where I commented. Typically I would read my Bible curled up on the loveseat in my living room (I use the term loosely because I live in a fifth wheel). Then when I wanted to comment I would go to my computer and open up the forum where people share.

That small gap was where I had a disconnect. It was just enough of a hiccup that it would break my train of thought and I have different modes for different areas of the house. When I curl up on the loveseat, I’m hanging out with Jesus. When I stand at my desk I go into work mode.

My solution is to make everything happen on my tablet. I can access my email (daily reminder), my Bible, and the Internet (where I access the forum). I don’t have to move away from the loveseat. Problem solved.

Fixing the Disconnect - Are there disconnects that are making certain actions difficult?

I got to thinking about the rest of my life. There are a number of nagging little things where I’m limping along. Are there similar disconnects that are making certain actions difficult? Can I identify a cause? Would a small change make it easier to get the job done?

In everything from sex to gardening to bookkeeping, what are the little difficulties or inconveniences that are stalling me out or slowing me down?

Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom.  Song of Songs 2:15  ESV

Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you see and deal with the little foxes in your life.

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