We’re always talking about how men are more visual and that makes them somewhat vulnerable sexually.

I say, heck, take advantage of that and make sure your husband sees plenty of you. Fill him up with the sight of your skin.

Flash - He loves to see your skin. Show him!

Show a bit of skin in the morning and let him know you’re looking forward to lovemaking later in the day (though a quickie before work is not a bad idea either). Flash him on your way to the shower or go to bed au natural.

Let him see your skin.

A smile happens in a flash, but the memory can last a lifetime.  Author Unknown

Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you become comfortable in your own skin and share it often with your hubby.

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5 Comments on “Flash

  1. The more visual stimulation a husband gets from his wife, the less he’s exposed to visual stimulation from the outside world and the less of an effect that stimulation has on him.

      • Ladies. It’s been said your husband will have a love affair with someone. Better make sure it’s you.

        Your husband will also want to see female beauty. If he doesn’t get it from you, he’ll be more tempted to get it elsewhere. That doesn’t mean he’s right to do so, but you can make it easier for him.

        I know when I see another woman somewhere though, my thought is really “I really want to be seeing my Princess’s body right now.”
        Nick Peters recently posted…Lessons From ShiroMy Profile

  2. This is so very true. We, as husband’s, love seeing our wives completely naked or even just a simple peek.

    We love those little peeks. Great reminder for the wives. Thanks for sharing.

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