His Priorities

I have priorities. My husband has priorities.

This year I really need to get in some gardening. Emotionally I need to play in the dirt and see things grow. It doesn’t have to be much, but I need to see something green.

My husband is the practical sort and he wants to see our RV home set up well with the utilities done right. There is a sense of security and wellness about that for him.

His Priorities - What's important to him?

We have other priorities as well, some big, some small. Some of our priorities are important to the practical functioning of our lives and some have more to do with emotional well being (which in the long run winds up being pretty important).

My point is that if you know your spouse’s priorities, the things that matter to them, you can be helpful and encouraging. If it matters to them, let it matter to you.

It’s one more way to be generous and say “I love you” in their language.

Many of us spend more time on the C’s of life than on the A’s of life. Don’t allow trivial things to crowd out the important ones.  Merrill Douglass

Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you and your husband value each other’s priorities.

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2 Comments on “His Priorities

  1. I am with you on gardening. It feeds my soul to dig and plant—not so much to weed, but if I don’t eliminate them, they negate the positive effects my gardens give me. (There’s a larger lesson in that.)
    My husbands priorities are primarily work-related. It’s an issue that goes with being self-employed. So hard to get a balance. In joining him in the work that I can help with, I’ve learned that I can get just as out of balance as he can!

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