What Do You Believe About Your Marriage?

Amazon affiliate link: Your Best Year EverI mentioned I had ordered Michael Hyatt’s new book, Your Best Year Ever. Aside from recommending the book because it delivers, I want to share something from the first step in his book.

Beliefs shape your reality.

When you believe something you act on it. If you believe you will fail, you will likely fail. If you believe you have something of value to share, you are more likely to share with confidence. We tend to get what we expect according to our beliefs.

My point in bringing this up is that often we have poor marriage related beliefs and that can impact how we approach our spouse.

Do you think about something you would like to do with your spouse, but then have a doubting afterthought that takes you out? “Oh, that won’t work” or “he probably won’t go for that.”

What Do You Believe About Your Marriage? - Practice more positive marriage thoughts.

Keep an eye on your inner thought life for awhile. Are you telling yourself limiting thoughts? Can you recognize them? Sometimes it helps to write them down. When you do, ask yourself, can you reject them or perhaps reframe them a bit more accurately? It may feel a bit awkward at first, but you can adopt more positive thoughts about your marriage.

“I need to be satisfied with what I have” could become “I’m going to invite my husband to join me in building a better marriage”.
“I’m too old to be sexy” could become “I am inherently sexual and I can bless my man’s socks off”.
“I’m no good at <whatever>” could become “I bet there is a resource online that can help me learn, I can do this”.

Take the time to watch your thought life and give yourself more positive marriage thoughts.

The best way to overcome limiting beliefs is to replace them with liberating truths.  Michael Hyatt


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you think His truths about your marriage.

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4 Comments on “What Do You Believe About Your Marriage?

  1. So true!

    One thing to consider is that sometimes an offhand or unguarded remark that we make can change our spouse’s belief quite drastically…and if we don’t realize what we’ve done this can fester, and harden into scar tissue that stands in the way of the future. Likewise, we have, I think, to examine our own hearts for times when we allowed our beliefs about the relationship to be altered by something our spouse said…and didn’t really mean.
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted…Your Dying Spouse 438 – No Hope But This {FMF}My Profile

    • Very true. We need to be careful and somewhat intentional about what we say to our spouses. Paul was so good about this with me. He kept telling me the truth and helped me overcome some very self-destructive beliefs.

  2. Love the quote you end the piece with:

    “The best way to overcome limiting beliefs is to replace them with liberating truths. Michael Hyatt”

    It takes courage and faith to step out and get beyond those limiting thoughts, and sometimes it helps to lean on others to make those changes. Not everyone has the inner strength to make those strides on their own.

    Lori you are a blessing for those who can now lean on your words to help bring change to their lives.

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