Way Back Wednesday – Bedroom Mailbox

(Originally posted on December 13, 2014.)

I live in a small town, so when a Dollar Store moved in last year, it was big news.  :)

I buy gift bags there, but I had some extra time one afternoon so I wandered through the store and I found this … a holiday cardboard mailbox.

Bedroom Mailbox - Communicate your love this holiday season.

I think it has possibilities.

You could park it on your bedroom dresser during the holiday season. Leave little Christmas love notes. Maybe drop off a gift wish list to help your gift-challenged hubby. Tuck in a few holiday love coupons?

What do you think? How would you use it?

You’ve got mail.  (romantic comedy)


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you communicate your love during the holidays.

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2 Comments on “Way Back Wednesday – Bedroom Mailbox

  1. Cute idea! Ah the gift challenged husband! I hate asking for anything but he says he doesn’t get hints. So last year I swallowed my pride and asked. I gave him a picture of the exact thing I wanted. He still bought the wrong thing. He just doesn’t care enough to try. :( I’m not asking this year because I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I tried acting like I liked the wrong thing anyway, but he can see right through me. Grrr.

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