Dealing with the Down Side of Up

My husband has to fight for my attention some days.

It’s not that I don’t care about him, it’s just I’m hardwired to focus well. When I’m working on a project I don’t notice anything around me (and that includes my husband when he’s trying to talk to me).

We’ve learned that this is the down side to my ability to focus well.

Dealing with the Down Side of Up - Strengths can have a down side. Understand, be practical, and show grace.

Be aware of this concept when you are dealing with your husband. When he does something that irritates or frustrates you, are you dealing with the down side of a strength?

He is laid back and easy going (great), but also easy going when it comes to tackling projects around the house (not so great)? Is he strong in the face of a challenge (wonderful), but that same energy makes him a serious risk taker (how are your nerves?)?

You aren’t likely to change something that is hardwired, but understanding it means that you can do damage control or look for practical workarounds. It means you can see the whole of who he is and love him well.

My husband will ask for my attention and talk when I break from the project and look at him (if he has my eyes, he has my ears). He also saves serious conversations for those times when I’m not focused on work, perhaps over a meal or when we can park on the couch and talk.

Shame says that because I am flawed, I am unacceptable. Grace says that though I am flawed, I am cherished.  Michelle Graham


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you understand how your husband is wired and deal graciously and practically over the down sides.

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