Holiday Down Time

Grab your calendar.

As you look through the holiday season mark a few days where you can take some time off (even if it is just for the afternoon or a morning or two). Be sure to block in a couple of date nights with your sweetie.

Holiday Down Time - Don't skimp on the time you need for yourself and your man.

Don’t skimp on the time you need for yourself and your man. Sanity and health are far more important than getting one more thing done on your holiday to-do list.

Rest and play, are as vital to our health as nutrition and exercise.  Brené Brown


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you take a sane pace for the holiday season and make time for your sweetie.

 The Romantic Vineyard: 2018 Date Night Challenge What a sweet idea. I’m taking the challenge!

To Love, Honor and Vacuum: Fight the Frump: Let’s Get Dressed! You and your hubby are worth it.


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3 Comments on “Holiday Down Time

  1. I wanted to thank you Lori for persevering in putting out all posts through the years. I know it hasn’t always been easy to keep going but your good ideas and encouragement do help us! Our marriage is now almost 48 years old, and we enjoy each other more than ever. It really is a wonderful life when you know about real love!

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