Change Happens, Solutions are Planned

When Paul and I were traveling in the RV we had to put the blender in a container when not in use (everything had to be tied down or containerized). Now that we’ve been stationary for awhile we realized we didn’t need to do that. We use the blender daily (Paul makes these bodacious smoothies), so it’s OK to leave it on the counter. It’s way more convenient.

Change Happens, Solutions are Planned - Think things through to a more convenient solution.

I mention this because change tends to sneak up on you and your needs will change as a result.

You might need to put your keys in a different place because you use the back door in winter or perhaps you need to change errand day to Thursdays because your daughter’s dance class has moved to that day. Maybe your husband got a new job and dinner time or how you handle his clothes needs to be changed.

Keep an eye on how smoothly your days and weeks flow. When something is awkward or stops working, look for recent changes and think through to a more convenient solution.

Sometimes, change is what we need.  Author Unknown


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you be aware of those times when you need to consider change.

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    • I think each season of life presents new challenges. Andrew, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Your words are always an encouragement to me. You are in my prayers.

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