Way Back Wednesday – A Theory Tested

(Originally posted October 12, 2014.)

Yesterday I talked about positive and negative marriage lists and how we tend to drag out one or the other when things get stressful.

I was talking mostly theory (I got the idea from Seth Godin), but today I had a real life experience that was pretty interesting.

While doing laundry I got aggravated over a mess in the basement.

A Theory Tested - Which list will you pull out?

Mentally I started to go into the litany of messes I have had to deal with over the years, but then I remembered Seth’s post and I stopped myself. I made a list of all the things my husband does that blesses me and listed all the ways my husband has grown and changed over the years.

There is still a mess in the basement, but my attitude is more gracious and cleaning up the mess feels far more doable (it’s not buried under a pile of fussiness and blame).

You go, Seth.

The thing is, at every juncture, during every crisis, in every moment of doubt, you have a choice. You will pull out one (virtual) list or the other. You’ll read and reread it, and rely on it to decide how to proceed. Up to you.  Seth Godin


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you build and turn toward a positive marriage list.

This Month’s Marriage Challenge: Look for ways to team up with your husband in plans, actions, and attitudes.

Michael Hyatt: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Get Better at Saying ‘No’ Say no to the less important so you can say yes to the truly important.

The XY Code: Send Your Husband Packing! He’ll come back a better man.


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