Book Review: Reading People + a Giveaway

Amazon affiliate link: Reading PeopleAnne Bogel (of Modern Mrs. Darcy) has written a new book about personality and how it effects our relationships.

Reading People: How Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything

I’ve written a bit about this topic in the past because I was so surprised at how being aware of the differences in people makes it so much easier to understand and relate to them. And when we are talking about husbands and marriage that’s a good thing.

I really enjoyed her writing style (very personable and easy to follow) and thought she did a good job of explaining some of the different kinds of personality tests available. It’s an excellent introduction to the topic, full of resources that will help you along the way.

I love getting books from publishers because they always offer you an additional copy for a giveaway.

So …

Please share, as a comment to this post, your ideas for date ideas for autumn and winter. What do you do when the weather turns cool? Next Monday (October 16th) I’ll pick a random number and the poster in that spot will win a copy of Reading People.


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you understand your husband better.

This Month’s Marriage Challenge: Look for ways to team up with your husband in plans, actions, and attitudes.

Her View From Home: Six Tips (You Probably Haven’t Thought of) to Help You Have a Better Marriage Little heard advice for keeping your marriage strong.

Unclutterer: Staying on top of tasks: a Bullet Journal update One gal’s experiment using a Bullet Journal.


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32 Comments on “Book Review: Reading People + a Giveaway

  1. Walk outside, then home (Or indoors wherever) for hot chocolate and maybe a movie or board game.

  2. We like to catch up on TV shows without the interruptions of putting kids to bed.

  3. Apple picking, corn maze, coffee shop, bike ride, walk the trails, movie night…

  4. Build a snowman together
    Ice skating!
    Look at Christmas lights
    Movie + hot cocoa (or your favorite hot beverage)
    Board game by the fire

  5. Get cozy: light a fire, dim the lights and roast hot dogs in it. Watch the flames dance and linger as the flames turn to coals.

  6. Driving old country roads and looking at the fall colors! Or getting away for a weekend camping trip in the Ozarks. (We’re from MO.)

  7. When it’s cool outside or it’s rainy or snowy, my husband and I like to cook together in the kitchen. Usually we make soup from scratch. We share the prep work like he will cut up some vegetables while I am measuring out the other ingredients. We really enjoy doing this together and it’s something we can bless our family and friends with by making a big batch and sharing it with others.

  8. It’s not that cold every day in NV. When it’s not too windy (that’s the part I don’t like), we get outside and walk or go to the park. We can’t do that in the summer so our active times are in fall and winter. When it does get cold enough, we make some warm drinks, and retreat to our favorite place with Netflix or Youtube videos. When my boys were in school, we were always going to their sporting events, now, we have one cheerleader so that’s what we’ll be up to as well.

  9. Try a new coffee shop
    Take a drive to see the leaves
    Indoor or outdoor ice skating
    Go to a holiday concert or event
    Take a walking tour (food tour, history tour)
    Buy a groupon and try an escape room

  10. Oh, what a fun giveaway! Thank you for offering this! Here in New England, fall is the most gorgeous time of the year, so lately, we’ve been enjoying walks & drives to soak up the gorgeous foliage!

  11. It turns rather cold up here in the Northeast in the fall/winter pretty quickly (at least for my southern blood…lol), so we do mostly indoor dates. A couple of weeks ago, we went to the National Museum of Play and had a blast. It was a different experience since we were the only adults there without young children but so much fun. We also like to walk our local mall for exercise and spending time together, the whole two birds with one stone kind of thing. Going to the theater is also a grand thing to do during those months. The Little Mermaid is coming to our area in October and I’m surely hoping to go. <3 <3 Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. We’ve been lingering around the firepit for dates lately! Something about staring into the flames gets hubby’s tongue loose 😉 and we’ve had fabulous, wandering conversations.

    Looking forward to reading this new book! We’re working through a whole pile of books with our daughter and her betrothed, but the first ones covered love languages and personality…that information truly changed the flavor of our own marriage.

  13. We start utilizing free or inexpensive community concerts, art shows,and poetry slams.

  14. We get excited about fall cooking and watch TV shows for inspiration and then get cooking. Something we both really enjoy!

  15. My husband and I love to intentionally appreciate and be thankful for what each season brings regardless of what may be going on in life, and especially fall. Living in the Northwest we are blessed w/ all splendor of the fall foliage. Our favorite thing to do is to pull out a fall bucket list/punch card (here’s a link for some: Bing – Fall Bucket List 2017 and have the joy of completing as many wonderful sensory fall things to do as possible during fall. But, never put pressure on ourselves to have to complete something just because. One of our favorites dates (that takes a little preparation but is worth it) is blessing random people in our life with “You’ve Been Gobbled” It’s a really fun way to spend time together with lots of laughter as we secretly deliver these special packages, and finish off the evening with hot cider or a seasonal coffee.

  16. What a lovely idea!
    My husband works long hours and has little time at home. For many of our dates, we sit on the front porch and drink coffee. We have been married 29 years and have our first front porch. We also sometimes watch a movie in his man cave – converted from our garage!
    Sandy recently posted…A recipe I made awhile back…My Profile

  17. We find a different route to drive to our usual places (grocery store, church) to soak in the fall colors here in the Midwest :)

  18. Favorite fall date is going to a nearby local farm for their fall festival with hayrides corn maze and tasty treats 😘🎃

  19. Picking apples or walking through the nearby paths and checking out the fall leaves

  20. We enjoy loading the dogs in the car and going for a destination drive to one of those drive through Christmas light spectacles.

  21. We usually spend time together watching a movie or show; sometimes over dinner or dessert or a season treat like hot cocoa.
    Usually we also go shopping for Thanks giving or christmas dinner/gifts. Either way, we usually make holiday meals togrther (at least partly). Colder weather always reminds us of when we first met. :)

  22. I am enjoying helping him with the youth group. Sounds silly but when we literally compliment each other afterward it’s a feel-good warmth and we are truly having fun. Also, we enjoy eating out, board games and watching movies.
    Cristy VanKleek recently posted…10/9/2017My Profile

  23. Fall is our favorite season of the year. It’s the time when it’s really pleasant outdoors, so it’s a good time to walk together in the mountains or the bosque.

    Side note – Modern Mrs. Darcy is one of the very few blogs I subscribe to. I really like Anne’s writing style and the topics she covers.

  24. Autumn: Hiking in the mountains, or something that involves apple cider!
    Winter: attending a local {free} Christmas concert, with a dinner out beforehand

    Seriously, though, with a one-year-old, even going grocery shopping alone counts as a date, and we enjoy anything that allows us to spend time together! :)

  25. A great date idea is to head to a cider mill in autumn! We put our daughter on the bus to school, then head into the house for a little nap— it’s sooo early to do anything! And when we wake up, we head out to a cider mill here in Oakland County. It’s special, it’s fun, and it’s a great time of year to celebrate us and our 30 years of marriage!

  26. I enjoy getting coffee with my husband and going on a walk and looking at the trees and their new colors!

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