Using the Change of Seasons

Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons.

The weather begins to cool, the leaves change color, and there are office supplies in the store (I love office supplies).  :)

Using the Change of Seasons - It's an opportunity for personal change.

I think also I love the opportunity for personal change. It’s far easier to make a change during a season of change.

When you pull out your cool weather clothes, take a look at them and decide what is worth keeping or not. Do you want to change your hair style or the kind of jewelry you wear? As long as you are making changes anyhow, make a few that will benefit you or bless your hubby man.

When you make a spot for all the kids’ schoolwork and artwork, why not use that as a time to look at how you handle paperwork in general. Are there changes you could make that would make handling papers easier and better? Create a drop off place or a new filing system.

If you have schedule changes as you head into fall, why not look for opportunities to spend more time with your sweetie. Meet up for lunch of Fridays or have a date night that includes the new small marriage group.

Change is exciting and full of possibilities! What little changes can you make as we move into a new season?

Change always comes bearing gifts.  Price Pritchett


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you see opportunities for change.

This Month’s Marriage Challenge: Take care of yourself and encourage your hubby to do likewise.

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