More Than Just Sleep

Earlier this year, I reminded y’all to get enough sleep.

And that is very, very important, but when you are talking about taking care of yourself and the need to rest, there is more to consider.

More Than Just Sleep - Make time to relax and nurture your inside too.

Yes, our bodies need rest, but so do our minds, hearts, spirits, and emotions, all that internal stuff.

So take a walk, sit on the patio, read a good book, make a cup of tea, pray while you pull weeds, or do slow stretches and breath deeply.

Make time to relax and nurture your inside too.

There is more to life than increasing its speed.  Mahatma Gandhi


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you find moments of internal rest and care in your day.

This Month’s Marriage Challenge: Take care of yourself and encourage your hubby to do likewise.

Gary Thomas: Recalibrate: Breaking out of Spiritual and Marital Doldrums Read a book!

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