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Paul and I regularly talk about our weekly plans (giving blood on Tuesday), what’s for dinner (tacos), and needed work on the house or truck (time to change the oil). Now all those things are necessary conversations, but if that’s all we talked about our worlds would be a bit small.

We make a point of sharing about other things to keep our conversation interesting. 

Etsy: Doodles From The HeartI reopened my Etsy shop.
Paul has joined a weekly role playing game.
We want to do some fix ups on our home.
We’re starting a once-a-month marriage group at our church.
Our grandson (need I say more).

All of these things can add interest when we talk.

Yes, do talk about work, the kids, and the usual stuff, but also look for new and interesting things to talk about with your husband. Keep your conversations fun and creative.

Conversation is food for the soul. Mexican Proverb


Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you find interesting topics of conversation.

This Month’s Marriage Challenge: Look for opportunities to compliment your husband (to his face and behind his back).

The Forgiven Wife: Love Starts at Home What happens in our homes can spread into the world.

The XY Code: Just One Thing One is a powerful number.


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    • True. Conversation is give and take. If someone is talking, someone else has to be listening (and sometimes there is a lot of listening).

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