Life is Full of Bounces

So my husband and I live in an RV. It rests on four tires and even though we have a number of stabilizers there is still a bit of a bounce.

Life is Full of Bounces - Walk together with grace and kindness.

When Paul goes up and down the front stairs, we bounce. When I make up the bed, we bounce.

For the winter we will put the RV up on blocks and that will take care of most of it, but all this bounce has taught us a few lessons along the way.

Give your spouse the benefit of the doubt.
Neither one of us intends to drive the other crazy with the motion. We are just dealing with life. Sometimes life is inconvenient … and bouncy.

Communicate well and kindly.
It’s always good to talk about what irritates you (just in case your spouse doesn’t know and can help).

Look for practical fixes.
When Paul is going to leave the RV he warns me (especially if I’m doing art work). I try not to do those bouncy chores when Paul needs to concentrate or he’s had a hard day. 

Because what else are you going to do.

Life is full of bounces. Walk together with grace and kindness.

Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things.  Robert Service


Prayer Prompt  Ask God to help you stay calm and kind in the face of daily annoyances.


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