To the Edge and Back Again

From The Generous Wife archive:

Sex tip:
Learn to take your husband to the edge and back again.  Let me explain.

For a lot of guys, sex will feel better if you can make it last a while.  If you can take him to the edge sexually and then back off, perhaps do that a few times, then when you finally complete the sex act, it will feel really good to him. 

So learn his body, pay attention to how he sounds and moves at different levels of arousal and use that info to pleasure him longer and better.

Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.  Robert Byrne

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4 Comments on “To the Edge and Back Again

    • I would just make it a part of foreplay and then finish with hubby “in the driver’s seat.” What happens with this kind of foreplay is that it builds up muscular tension and increases fluid in the prostate. It just makes orgasm that much better.

    • Loved your post. Sometimes you just have to be creative when you need time away.

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