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Submission is NOT about checking your brain at the door.

When you choose to submit to an authority, you’re not saying they are necessarily smarter or better.  You’re just agreeing with God that it’s His choice that they be in charge, that He will gift them to do what they are called to do and that you’re going to go along with that.  This is not license to check out intellectually.  Aside from the fact that you still have to think through what you are doing, you are still responsible for your choices and actions (if an authority asks you to do something wrong, you have to be engaged enough to be aware of that (more on this later)).

Submission is NOT about being a robot, a non-person.

You don’t stop being a person when you submit to someone.  You just take all the good that you are and work with the direction of that authority.  Your perspectives, your thoughts and your experience are great gifts that you use in all that you do, regardless of who is in charge.  

Submission does NOT mean that you have no voice. 

Submission means that you are willing to follow.  It does not mean that you can’t question, ask for something you need or suggest an idea.  You just do those things in a respectful, kind way.

(A reminder ~ Jesus is our example. He was intellectually engaged, certainly not a robot or a non-person, and He had a voice (He talked intimately with the Father and when faced with the cross, even asked if it was possible to change plans.).  Submission doesn’t make you less of a person, it just makes you a wise and God-honoring person.)  

 More tomorrow …

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4 Comments on “Brain Check

  1. With regards all of the above, I am TRULY thankful that my husband is someone I trust and respect and that he doesn’t ask or need me to check my brain at the door or become a robot in order to submit. So very grateful.

    Great words and thoughts, especially on looking at your perspective and experiences as gifts to use.

  2. One thing I have realized fairly recently, actually, is that my husband loves my brain. I know that sounds silly. But it’s true. He appreciates that I am {fairly} intelligent and he appreciates my perspective. He wants to hear from me, to know my opinion.

    We got married so young, and I look at that and think how many things could have gone wrong. But I am just so grateful that God has asked me to submit to a man who loves me and appreciates me and values my thoughts. He is easy to submit to. <3

  3. Thanks for doing these posts, Lori. What first comes to mind when the word “submission” is mentioned is the subjection of women by men in the Church. What the Bible is referring to is anything but that. Jesus, the most wonderful, perfect man (who just happens to be GOD too), whose shoes I’m not fit to lick, washes the nasty, dirty feet of his flawed, human disciples. If that’s not submission, I don’t know what is. How much more should I wash the feet of my husband, who is a flawed man, but is also the second best blessing that God has given to me in my life?

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