The Choice is Yours

Submission is a choice.

You recognize an authority. They ask you to do (or not do) something. Now … you have a choice. Do you do as they ask (submit to their authority) or do you do something else?

Submit: to give over or yield to the power or authority of another

When I go shopping, I park my car between the painted parking lines.  If I have 10 or less items I use the express checkout.  If I have more I checkout through a regular lane.  When I get my groceries in the car, I put my cart in the cart thingie (oh, what do you call it? corral?).  The point is, I recognize that the people who own the grocery store have rules for interacting with their store.  I can respect their authority and submit to what they want or I can park across several lines and hog several parking spots, push 22 items through the express lane and then leave my cart loose in the parting lot where it can damage someone’s car. (Even with this example you can see the benefit and blessing that comes with respect/submission to an authority.)

When someone “demands” that you “submit” to them and “makes” you to do something, that is not submission.  That is coercion, force, often abuse.  Submission, by definition, is something you choose to do.  You give over.  You yield.

Submission is a thinking choice.  You do not have to blindly follow the wishes of any and every person who tells you to do something. 

I have a friend who has a favorite saying, “let’s not be stupid about this.”  I think that applies here.  Just because someone asks something of you, it does not automatically make them an authority in your life (more about who has authority later).  Yes, we want to be gracious and caring to those around us, but it’s a good plan to identify who really has authority, and under what conditions.  Practice saying “yes” and “no” in a gracious manner.  Apply appropriately.

More tomorrow … 

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

One Comment on “The Choice is Yours

  1. I was a fraid of this submission topic when you started it a few days ago. I am one of those you mentioned in some of your older tips about being married but being separated from my husband. It has been 3 1/2 months since I was with him. We got evicted and I had no place to go. My daughters arranged a place for me a long ways from where he is. He is staying with a friend. My husband has been involved with some scams and I was fearful and under stress because of it. Today I appreciate the fact that you say I have a choice in whether I submit or not to him. I still communicate with him via emails my choice again as I didn’t communicate with him at all for a few months. I have told him that if we get back together again he must give up all scams and get a job and place of his own. Thank you for your wonderful tips. God bless you. Happy Valentine’s day to to you and your husband.

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