The S Word (and I’m Not Talking Sex)

I have been having a discussion with God.

For weeks He’s been talking to me about submission.  Now I’m cool with that, but I really hate the fussin’ that ensues when you bring up the topic with other folks.  It has lots of hot buttons and more than a few land mines.  I’m a peacemaker at heart and I really don’t enjoy get folks riled up.

That said, I think I’m not going to get away with letting the topic go (God is so persistent), so I’m just going to put on my big girl panties and share a few thoughts about submission over this next week.  Let me start by saying that submission has a bad rep and for the most part has been misrepresented.  So if you would, please set down any immediate thoughts and reactions and hear me out.

Jesus is our example and the Holy Spirit is growing us up to be like Him.  Jesus understood and lived a life of submission.  You see it in how He submitted to His parents, you see it as He walked through His ministry years doing a fine dance between the Roman government and the legalistic religious leaders.  You see it in His teachings.  You see it in His death, where He submitted to the wishes of His Father, even though it meant humiliation, incredible pain and death.  

You also see it in the Holy Spirit inspired writings of the New Testament.

All this to say, I see submission as a Kingdom dynamic.  We need to understand submission and learn how to walk in it rightly.  This is not something we want to excuse our way out of, explain away or dismiss as something we don’t have to do.

More tomorrow … 

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From Grace Driscoll ~ 10 Practical Ways to Honor Your Hubby I love practical.  This is a great list to meditate on.


A sweet Valentine idea ~ What I Love About You Valentine All you need is paper and pen. (from Small Notebook)


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9 Comments on “The S Word (and I’m Not Talking Sex)

  1. Hey Lori, how do I connect with you on Facebook, I can’t find you there

  2. Go for it!

    We need more Christian women who speak out on submission. God created it for our good, not to hurt us, and we need women to speak out and share revelations so that we can all grow in our understanding of what it truly means to submit. I think a lack of understanding is the primary cause of all the fear that surrounds this topic.

    And if anyone does have an issue with it, they seriously need to take a grown-up pill and get over their pride issues. Godly Womanhood is SO MUCH more freeing than Feminism, and the latter leads to FAR too many misunderstandings about God’s purposes for His daughters.

    Bring it on, Lori.

  3. Lori,

    Might need to say an ouch or two, but can’t wait! This culture of girl-power has totally misinformed the women of world of true submission. Even in the church, people tend to think of it as more a “tyranny” than truth. We need women who will help bring other women back to the Bible and to the meaning God set forth. Thanks for being courageous enough to take this on (though, yeah, understand that prodding that wouldn’t let you do anything but, lol).


  4. How strange. I’ve been thinking/prompted about submission too. Really intrigued to see what you write over the coming days.

    My question is: what happens with submission if the person you are submitting to (boss/pastor etc) isn’t someone you trust and therefore respect?

  5. @LCC That’s definitely on the list of questions to talk about. I’m addressing the basic concepts and then I’ll write about how that looks played out and try to answer some of the hard questions.

  6. THANKS… I think we all need to put on our big girl panties
    a little more…


  7. The Bible has 5 times the amount of instructional words for how husbands should be behave and treat their wives than there are words for women & how to treat their husbands. It almost seems like God knew that men needed to hear things more than once to get it. :-) BTW I am a male.

    Submission: many women bristle at the word. But….ponder this –

    If a man leaves his world and dies to himself in her world and life….isn’t that a form of submission? So while men are told to be leaders in house (and every man should be the pastor of his own house), all true leaders are servants as the Word tells us. So, really, men are submitted to their wives by being the head if you will… and if a woman has a man that is so completely committed to putting her needs before his…well what woman in her right mind wouldn’t want to be submitted to him … in like fashion? It is my opinion that the Word is pointing us to put each other before ourselves. In all that humility, a wonderful thing happens. True love and kindness and gentleness and forgiveness and ……

    Our pastors lead our churches … by being servants.

    Jesus led the way to salvation….by being a servant. He left his perfect “bachleor pad” if you will – heaven. He came down to our very imperfect world and died to Himself here.

    So I must take on the commitment to know her deeply, sacrifice for her, lay down my life in a thousand little ways each and every day for her….to leave my crazy man world and go take up residence in her insane female world that is all upside down with things like emotions and drama and fickleness and shoes and ……and love her. And by love her I mean put her needs above mine. Not only LOVE her, but also to LIKE her and all her ways, whether I understand them or not.

    Jesus left His perfect world of heaven and came into my world, became like me (subject to temptations and all that I am) …and He loved me so much, He liked me so much, beyond words that He died so that I could live forever with Him at a later time. He wants to be with me (!) THAT much. By Him dying on a cross, He delivered a very holy romantic message: ‘I would rather die….than live without you.”

    So if I believe that God created man/us in His image, then my wife is the other ½ of that image or person. I am the other ½. The 2 pieces of the puzzle joining together to make the whole image and likeness of God. The 2 become 1. Simple. Beautiful. Amazing. My wife is the reflection of the other side of God’s person / personality that when I blend mine together with hers….the 2 become one flesh, the differences of man and woman cease, the spiritual bond unites us and we get a sense of our place in Him and His complete person.

    So I “lead” my wife…by being a servant to her, submitted to her by caring for and loving her, humble and yet a deliberate direct and strong action of laying down my life for her. Leader = servant, servant = leader. I see no real conflict bec/ both men and women are being told be the same way to each other, just using different terms.

    This isn’t something that comes naturally. It takes work, effort, ridding our male and female selves of our occasional flaws of stubbornness, selfishness and too many other things to mention.

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