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My husband and I attend a local community church and between that and just word of mouth, we get brought in to help and encourage folks who are struggling in their marriages. 

This last year we saw a handful of marriages turn around for the good.  Marriages that would not have survived or would have continued to struggle found a good deal of breakthrough.  I’m blessed to have been a part of that process, but I want to point out something that continually stood out to me.

Prayer played a significant role in each of the turnaround marriages.  I don’t mean to down play the effort of the spouses involved or others that helped, encouraged and counseled, it’s just that I noticed that something wonderful was happening.  I saw changes that were bigger and more significant than people can make in their own strength and ability.  I spent a good part of this last month just cheering God for pulling off several miracles.  It was simply beautiful.  Amazing.

Those couples won’t have to face the pain and mess of divorce (and neither will their children, extended family and friends).  Couples will continue to grow and get stronger and better and, here’s the kicker, in that strength they will go on and, in their own giftings and abilities, impact the world around them in incredible ways.  Instead of sowing destruction, they’ll be dancing in His plans and purposes for their lives.  Talk about ripple effect.

So … I have an idea.

On the first day of each month I’ll remind those who have a wedding anniversary that month to post your first names, date, how long you’ve been married and then tell us something you absolutely love about your husband.  The rest of us can enjoy the encouragement and pray for your marriages. (I’ll remind the list at the beginning of each month as we go through the year.)

To get us started, I’ll share:

Paul & Lori
January 18th (27 years)
My husband loves adventure.  He makes me laugh and keeps me young.

If you have a wedding anniversary in January, just scroll down to the comment box and add your info (it may take a bit for your post to show up as I have to approve first time posters). If you are reading this elsewhere click on this link and then scroll down to the comment box.

The greatest thing anyone can do for God or man is pray. S.D. Gordon

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I was very encouraged by 48 Days recent post ~ These “winds” are helping me.  


Need help figuring out how to pray for your husband?  The Power of a Praying Wife (aff link)   This is a nice resource with encouragement and sample prayers (which is great if you’re feeling a bit clueless).


Be generous! Lori <><

36 Comments on “God is Listening

  1. Tim & Sarah
    4th January (15 years)
    My husband is kind and patient and my best friend. We have been known each other since we were 10 years old.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Lori & Paul! Thank you for all that you do toward supporting healthy marriage! May God bless y’all more than you can imagine in 2012!

  3. Ian & Ellen
    January 6th (11 years)
    My husband is thoughtful and continues to challenge me to become the person I want to be!

  4. Russ and Natalie
    Jan 2 (13 years)
    My husband very loyal and I can trust him without question.

  5. Michelle and Phil
    January 29th
    18 years!
    My husband loves me like I need to be loved. His favorite thing to do is to laugh. He laughs at the simplist of things, he is so enjoyable to watch funny movies and shows with. He brings a smile to my face daily.

  6. Theo & Maryke Symington. We’ll be married for 15 years on the 3rd of January. My husband makes the best food! Luckily I’ve prayed for a husband who is able to fix cars, make food etc. etc & God gave me the whole package. I am so BLESSED!

  7. Dan & Lauren
    January 7th (19 years)
    My husband is caring and takes his responsibilities as a husband very seriously.

  8. Jason and Andrea
    January 4th ( 9 years)
    My husband is so gentle and kind. I love him!

  9. Chris & Jeanine
    January 12th (15 years)
    My husband is courageous, has a big heart for the welfare of children, loves his family and keeps me laughing. He’s just a lot of fun and enjoys life!

  10. I’m Lisa. My husband John and I will be celebrating our 7th anniversary on January 9th. I love how he works so hard to provide for us. He makes me laugh and Is always there

  11. Jan. 14, 11 years. I love Nick’s honesty and trustworthiness. I respect his dedication to provide for our family. Love you Nick!

  12. My husband, Jim and I were married January 26th, 1973! That’s 39 years ago!!!!
    The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jim is his generosity! He looks for ways to be generous to me, our children, grandchildren, extended family, church family, friends, co-workers, even complete strangers! I’ve never met anyone like him and I’ve learned so much from him about giving as we’ve lived this life together!

  13. Ken & Jacki ~ on January 8th we will have been married 18 years & together for 20 :) I’m struggling with ‘just one’ thing I absolutely love about my hubby though. For a couple married out of high school & ‘not supposed to make it,’ we are having a blast! He has been an amazing adventurer, provider, lover, friend & father to our children. I’d say I’m still pretty smitten :)

  14. Donald & Nadia
    10th August(2years)
    My husband is wonderful, amazing and powerful man of God! He keep a smile on my face.

  15. Marianne & Scott
    26 January 1996 (16 years)
    My husband has a silly sense of humour and also a heart for evangelism & children.

  16. Lawrence & Julie
    January 7
    17 years
    I love that my husband has the biggest, softest heart of any man I’ve ever met. Somehow he’s found the balance between being manly and tender hearted at the same time.

  17. Roy & Pam
    January 3rd (32 years)

    I love how my husband loves & desires me after all these years, and encourages me when I have doubts about myself, and how he works to provide for his family.

  18. Rob & Kristin
    January 1st-18 years!
    I love how faithful and dependable my husband is and how much he takes care of me and our kids.

  19. Best friends (Dion and Annie) married January 26th, 1991 (21 years!)

  20. January 7th (5 years)
    I still think my husband is too good to be true… I only feel more and more love for him each and every day!

  21. Jeff & Keli

    We’ve been married 13 years on Jan. 2nd.

    The Lord knew what He was doing when He gave me Jeff. He has grown into the most gracious and patient man I’ve ever known.

  22. Ryan and Shelsy
    January 20th (5 years)
    Ryan really truly gets me, more than anyone else ever has. And I’m so blessed that he puts up with me because I’m not always the easiest person to live with!

  23. Mike and Amy Haase
    Jan 17th. Married 21 years
    My husband is so sweet and caring and he takes care of me and makes me feel safe:)

  24. Roger and Jana
    January 15 – 12 years
    Roger keeps God first and helps me be a better person.

  25. On January 22 we will be married for 1 year :)
    This past year has not been the easiest for either of us. We both went through a lot personally BUT with Doug’s patience,unconditional love & understanding we made it. I have never known anyone like Doug. I am so proud & honored to be his wife. I know that with Jesus and Doug by my side I can overcome anything. Dougs work ethic, goals and kind heart remind me everyday of who I want to be and I take the time to thank God for making us for each other…what an amazing life God has in store for us.

  26. Greg and Laurel McDermott
    Jan 1st. Six years
    My husband loves God first and me second and that blesses me, he is honest and believes in me and in us, we laugh together and love being together! He is the love of my life here on earth.

  27. Mike & Tami Jo
    January 30th – 19 years
    My husband is my Mr. Spontaneous to my Mrs. Planner, my Mr. Adventurer to my Mrs. Security, and is my Mr. George to my Mrs. George. God brought two opposites together to complement and complete each other for His purposes. Looking forward to 19+ years more together on the grand adventure of married life God has planned for us.

  28. My hubby and I will be married 22 years tomorrow…Jan 28th.
    It has been a roller coaster…we were 36 and 46 when we married..I was divorced with two teenage daughters..so I’d have to say he was either very brave or crazy!! I never knew how wonderful marriage could be …God brought us together and has brought us through many storms!! I think He has packed a lot into our years because we will never make it to 50th anniversary. We would be 86 and 96.
    My husband is definitely my best friend…his commitment to our marriage and to God is one thing that has brought us through the storms.
    Thank you God, for bringing this man into my life.

  29. I can’t believe I missed this!! I never miss your blog!! Weird!

    Grant and Michelle Skelton
    January 28. 1 year! :)
    My husband is so patient and loving. He constantly puts my needs and wants before his own. And he told me before we got married that I would never be able to accuse him of being a lazy husband who doesn’t help around the house. And he has STUCK to that! I love him more today than I did a year ago! :)

  30. Brian & Summer
    January 1, 2011 (1.1.11)

    This New Years Day was our 1-Year Anniversary! We appreciate your prayers :)

  31. My parents have been married for 40 years, January 6. (My own marriage is in August, so it doesn’t count here ;-)

  32. I don’t know where to post this, so I’m writing it here.
    Although the above said that emails would not be published, I left a fake email address as I’m not ready to give my correct email address.

    After 30 years, please help me understand what marriage is about.

    I thought it was to support my husband.
    I moved where he wanted to / needed to move.
    I supported the family financially (whether through money or financial decisions), being at home, bills, car maintenance, doing work at home for our family business, etc.

    Where does it leave me?

    I could have been an outside the home career woman.
    Did my husband support me in that? No.
    Not even being an in the home career woman.

    I could have been like the ladies my husband encounters at work, that he adores so much.
    However, I never even considered it because of our circumstances.
    It’s weird. My husband compares me to these woman, but never backed me up in any of this.

    If I did I over again, should I not have supported my husband and just have gone for it in my life?

    30 years later, what should my role as a wife have been?

  33. Our anniversary is in January & we’ve been married for 34 years ! He trys to do the right thing, considers my needs & desires, and makes me laugh. we love to travel & shop together then relax! Minister to others also.

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