TGW 2011 Grow Your Marriage Awards

I try to link to resources that I think will bless y’all and be of some interest. 

Over this last year I’ve linked to bazillions of blogs, websites and products.  However, there are a few blogs that continually stand out to me because of their quality and because of the heart of those who write them (I look forward to reading them).

So, I just had to give out a few awards (I made myself keep it to a dozen).  I’m going with a gardening theme because of my new look.  I thought about the sunshine award (already taken), the watering award (weird) or the fertilizer award (um … no).  So it’s the “2011 Grow Your Marriage Awards.” (much better)

And here they are …

For Bravery ~ these gals regularly (and with great insight) blog about female sexuality.  It’s a tough subject fraught with all kinds of issues and general embarrassment.  You go, girls.

“J” of  Hot Holy and Humorous
Julie of  Intimacy in Marriage
Sheila of  To Love, Honor and Vacuum

For Both Gender Blogging ~ these two are faithful bloggers with great content, their back and forth sharing is invaluable to those trying to grow and understand their spouse’s point of view.

Brad and Kate of  One Flesh Marriage

For Overall Creativity ~ if you are romance challenged, this blog is for you.

Tom & Debi of  The Romantic Vineyard

For Making Us All Think ~ these folks regular turn out challenging, thought provoking posts (and I know how much work goes into something like that), kudos.

Rowan & Mara of  CoupleThings Blog
Scott & Jenni of  Journey to Surrender
Clint and Alecia of  Marriage Life

For Reminding Us All to “Get Over Yourself” ~ this blog regularly challenges me, it’s a very good mirror.

Patty of  Assume Love

For Innovation and Excellence ~ this couple does podcasting well, has great content and sets a standard that continually challenges other bloggers to excellence.

Stu & Lisa of  Stupendous Marriage

Promising Newcomer ~ blogging for just a few months and already cooking up some great ideas.

Aja of  Making Love in the Microwave

For Bodacious Sexiness (OK, OK, how about For Helping Us Understand Our Guys) ~  it never hurts to read about what our husband’s face, plus a lot of what the author writes about can apply to us gals.

Paul of  The Generous Husband  (my husband, lover and friend ~ you make my world so sweet)


Join 31 Days to Pray for Your Spouse Challenge ~ a prayer challenge starting January 1, 2012


Be willing to dance outside of your comfort zone and make some dreams come true ~ You Will Not Like This, But Read It Anyway (from My Super-Charged Life)


Be generous! Lori <><

11 Comments on “TGW 2011 Grow Your Marriage Awards

  1. Lori,

    I noticed you forgot one. It’s the only one I am subscribed to, even though I check out the other links from time to time.

    For Reminding Others to Tend Their Garden
    (a.k.a. Marriage Bed)

    Thank you, Lori, for all you do and for all the links you share.
    Love you lady and have been blessed to have you a part of my life!

  2. Ditto to what Valerie says….The Marriage Bed and The Generous Wife community of readers/posters have changed my life and my attitudes and actions. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into your articles.

  3. Ah, Lori! Your humor brings a smile to my face! I loved your fertilizer comment (um… no) – LOL! And the one about Paul – for Bodacious Sexiness! I love it! Thanks for the smile today!

  4. Thank you, Lori! What an honor to be named on your blog, and we accept this award with gratefulness – we realize more and more the need to share with others what God has so graciously shown us. It is a privilege we don’t take lightly.

    Tom and I look forward to 2012 with faith and great expectation. What fun to partner with you and Paul and so many others on the journey.

    Blessings to you both,

  5. Thanks for the honour, Lori! You and Paul remain an inspiration and encouragement to us both. Thanks for all your mentions and links this year; we owe much of our “stats” success to you. ;o)

    We pray abundant blessings on you and your home in 2012.
    Rowan and Mara

  6. Thanks, Lori! I’m just back from a much needed week off, and this was a pleasant surprise! I also just compiled my own little list, though a little bit differently, of the 50 Best Marriage Quotes of 2011 from different marriage blogs, and you’re featured there, too! So I’m returning the love.

    Have a great 2012, and it will be fun to link back and forth again!

  7. Wow, Lori, I’m honored to be counted among such amazing company!
    2012 blessings to you and Paul!

  8. Thanks, Lori, for this list! I’d never heard of several of these blogs so I look forward to checking them out.

  9. Lori, Brad and I are so honored! God has used you and Paul in our lives and ministry more times then we can count. We are blessed to call you dear friends, mentors, and passionate fellow marriage blogggers! Thank you for the encouragement and generosity you share with all! Blessings to you and Paul! Kate & Brad

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