Holiday Sex

Honestly, most guys would like sex for Christmas. 

I understand that sex can take real emotional and physical energy and the holidays don’t always give you the time you need to breath, much less to have sex.  Ask yourself what you would need to be available and (at least somewhat) in the mood.  Can you simplify your day and make that happen?

If conditions are such that you honestly can’t (you’re totally out of energy or you have 47 relatives camped out at your house for Christmas) let your husband know that you are planning a little after Christmas time for the two of you.  You could even give him a coupon for it, so that he understands that it’s the current circumstances that makes sex difficult.

If you do have delayed holiday sex, make it very Christmas-y.  Wear red lingerie, hang mistletoe, play soft Christmas music, etc.  Let him know that you really do enjoy celebrating with him.

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Be generous!  Lori <><
Tomorrow is Christmas!

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