Rehearse Your Responses

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One of the things I did early on in my marriage, when I was learning how to watch my tongue, was to practice saying sentences that would help me in stressful moments. For example, when I felt like going off, I had a ready sentence or two. “Can we talk about this in a half hour or so? I’m really stressed and I need some time to calm down and gather my thoughts.” I also used, “I need to go for a walk,” more than a few times.

This “be prepared” kind of concept works for all sorts of situations. If you find yourself facing the same mess over and over again, consider for the next time what you could say differently. It can work for something as simple as your after work greeting to your husband to the more stressful holiday situations. It’s all about watching your life, looking for the bumps and bruises, and thinking through how you can effect change in the future with your words.

Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs. Pearl Strachan

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