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The other day I played Mexican Train with some friends.  It was a simple game that allowed for talking and laughing (the rules are quick and easy).  It’s on my list of games to buy for Christmas.

If your husband enjoys games at all, consider keeping a selection of games handy for a bit of couple (or family) time. With the holidays coming, the store shelves are stocked with many games.  Please, ladies, do share your game ideas and favorite games as a comment to this post.  Let’s share the wealth.

We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.  Anonymous

Be generous!  Lori <><

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  1. My husband is a bit of a strategist – so he loves games like Settlers of Cattan, Cluedo, Cluedo – The Great Museum Caper, and card games and such. Even though we have a toddler and a baby, we try to set asside one night each month to get together with some friends and have a games night (starts after the kiddies are in bed, and usually we only get through one game before we are all too tired to keep playing – but hey, it’s fun!).
    Never lose your spontaneity!
    .-= Seaweedandraine´s last blog ..Todays great finds =-.

  2. m’love and I play video games on-line when he travels for work. It’s a fun way to stay in touch.

  3. My husband and I play Rumicube at least once a week. We enjoy the chance to “trash-talk” and laugh and spend time together that doesn’t invovle staring at a TV. ~ L

  4. We like Monopoly Deal – it’s fun to play either just as a couple, or with friends!

  5. Our family loves games … one of the most social, and fun for everyone, is “Apples to Apples”. No skill required, and it provides lots of laughs. Being Hoosiers, we also play Euchre – Double Bid is our favorite. Aggravation is an oldie but goodie, and Rummikub helps kids (and sometimes adults!) subtly with math. Games are the way to go!

  6. We have found two card games we enjoy.Monopoly and Sorry have card games for about $5 at Wal Mart. They are quick games that are easy to learn.

  7. Hey! My hubby and I love to play games! Stop by my blog post about some of the ones we really enjoy –

    What’s hilarious is last night I was at a Women’s Fall Event at our church and we played Mexican Train! It was the first time I had ever played and I LOVED it! I immediately thought, “I need to play this game with my husband!” When I got your daily email this morning and read that you had played too, I giggled out loud and had to respond. Thanks for your commitment to marriages everywhere!

  8. About every other month, my husband and I try to sit down and play Yahtzee after the kids are in bed.

  9. We love games. Every other month I make a pot of something and we have an open house game night. The fun is in getting together or friends from different parts of our life…like his work friends with our church friends, and so on. We do many different group games lke “Apples to Apples”, “Taboo”, and “Catch Phrase.” We always start with a version of that old baby shower standard, “the Points game” where each person keeps track of their own score and gains points from arbitrary questions like, “Give yourself 2 points for every button you are wearing.” or ” Lose five points for wearing red.”
    The question lists are always unique. Michael and I have a ball making them up together, and tayloring them for specific groups. It’s a great mixer, and our guests look forward to it, request it and try to figure out how to win. We even use it to our advantage sometimes with questions like, “two points if you have signed the guest book.” or a 10 point bonus if you were the first one to arrive… :o)

  10. Our new favorite game is Quelf. I have never laughed so hard! We also like Dice-capades. We can pay with our family even though the kids are younger, but also with friends and have a great time either way!
    We also like Phase Ten, Uno, and Dutch Blitz for card games. If we are looking for a quicker game, we also like Swipe, which is a dice game that comes in a travel case and involves winning, losing, or swiping chips and dice to collect the most chips.
    Apples to Apples, Buzzword, and Bananagrams are great as well.

  11. We love Quiddler, Canasta and Phase 10. They are great as a family, or you can play the “strip” version as a couple;)

  12. our fam (husband, me, baby) is too small for a lot of group games, but when we go to see ‘my’ family or ‘his’ family – we LOVE Apples to Apples. you can play with four, our closer to ten (what we do – i have lots of sibs!) we’ve even played it at extended family get togethers, everyone has a blast!
    We try to give our families a ‘family present’ for christmas – we can’t afford to give something to each of our sibs and parents within a week ;) (but we do on birthdays)

    Games like that make really good presents!

    Hubby and i love plain old rummy, too, and scrabble. sometimes the simple older games are the most fun.

  13. We like Mexican Train and Apples to Apples, too. To include our young girls who didn’t read yet, I cut out pictures and glued them to 3 x 5 cards. Now, they have a kid’s version! There are several cards in the adult version that kids wouldn’t know or understand, too. We’ve recently rediscovered Clue. Our young “detectives” love that game!
    We have also found games to be a wonderful way to “weed out” boyfriends for our teen daughters! You can learn a lot about how generous he is, competitive, his attitude, etc. I think a lot of people have a hard time hiding their “true colors” when playing games! Works great!
    I would like to echo “Happy Home Fairy” in her thanks for your commitment to marriages! You remind me daily to keep on track. I don’t want our relationship to fall apart like SO many around us are right now. 17 years and counting…. Blessings to you and your family!

  14. Also love Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Monopoly Deal, and Ticket to Ride is VERY fun too (more of a group game though), husband and I also like playing backgammon and usually turns into some kind of strip or ‘reward’ version (as do some of the others when playing on our date nights)!

  15. My hubby and I LOVE playing games. Some of our favorites are Sorry, Scrabble and Backgammon. We also like playing poker Shrek and Pac-Man world on PlayStation. We are both very competitive so I have to be sure to stroke his ego when I win :o)
    Can’t wait to try Mexican Train.

  16. My husband and I love to play games together. Two of our favorite two-person games are currently Jambo and Lost Cities. Of course we set the stakes pretty high!

  17. Hubby and I love Phase 10, UpWords (form of scrabble) and Yahtzee when it’s just the two of us. When we’re with family, Pit is a favorite… it’s loud and tons of fun!

  18. Trivial Pursuit and Jenga! And we have a wii, and we love playing that together!

  19. I really like the game “Sequence”. It can be played with many players or with just 2 players. I like to play it with my husband sometimes. One time I kicked the pants off of him! LOL! The other game I like to play is “Mastermind”. It is a 2 player game and fun to play!

  20. My hubs isn’t much of a game guy, but ever since we both downloaded Words with Friends on our phones we haven’t stopped!! It’s such a fun way to stay in touch and have fun together, not just once a month or week but every single day!!

  21. My husband is crazy about games. He spends his spare time researching new and different games. I’ll list some of the sites he checks regularly: Funagain Games is great for searching by category whether you like strategy, word, family, or party games. This site has extras to go with your games. This site is searchable for games but can be overwhelming at first with all the forums.

    Some of these sites offer free shipping with a specified purchase amount.

    He also spends a significant amount of time watching and listening to video and audio reviews prepared by other people who are even more into games than he is. You can go to these sites directly or just go to and search for them there. It’s amazing how many people spend time reviewing games. If you’re considering buying a new game, watching a review is a good way to get a better idea of the game and if it is what you were expecting. My husband regularly watches reviews from:
    Board Games with Scott—This guy is very thorough which is great for some people and tiring for others.
    The Dice Tower—Moderate length reviews from a guy with a positive attitude.
    Games with Hayden—These are done by a kid, so they are much less detailed and technical. They are funny to watch, especially if you already know about the game or have watched another review because he’s so excited but uses the same words to describe everything.
    UFBRT—This stands for “Untitled Flash-Based Review Thing” This guy is fast and funny. His reviews are generally much shorter. So that could be a good thing if you like concise, but he may move too fast for some people to follow. He inserts lots of humor which may not be appropriate for children. He’s hilarious, but I’d recommend not watching these with your children unless you have viewed them first. There may be profanity in some clips.

    I hope this is helpful. I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

  22. We play Strip Backgammon! Obviously, just with each other. But it’s a good way of playing together and it makes initiating sex easy for me….”Hey. Wanna play backgammon?” When I say that with a smile, he runs to get the board!

    With friends, we play games together after church on Sundays. All kinds of good games – more of the obscure games out there. Thurn and Taxis, Dominion, Ascension, Key Largo. Playing games together is a good way of having shared friends and hobbies.
    .-= jayme´s last blog ..too much pressure =-.

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