A Week Later

So it’s been a week since my surgery and I am doing well. The pathology came back clear (no malignancy) so I just need time to heal from surgery and I’m good to go. :)

Thanks, all, for being patient with the process.

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It’s Been 3 Months

Three months ago I shared with y’all that I needed some time off to pray and rest. Health issues hit at the same time and that made it easier to take care of myself.

In dealing with the kidney stones, a scan showed a mass in my uterus. There was a biopsy (non-malignant), an attempt to remove it (sadly, it’s tucked in the lining of the uterus), and now a hysterectomy … tomorrow (I would appreciate your prayers).

So, I need a few more days off to take care of myself (no lifting anything over 10 pounds and generally taking it easy).


On a happier note, I finally have quail. :) They are so cute and growing fast (they are, however, poop monsters).

Take care and hug your sweetie. :) Talk to you in a few.
Lori <><

I Really Am on Hiatus :)

OK, so I keep seeing this really good marriage resource and I just can’t not share it. :) Julie of Intimacy in Marriage shared this resource and has a code to get the bundle at a discount. Do check it out.

20 Amazing Marriage Resources for ONLY $1 EACH. Yes, You Read that Correctly.

That said, I’ve missed y’all. :)

I’ve been resting and thinking. I’ve also had some spin-off health issues from the kidney stones. In all the scanning they found a mass in my uterus (that thankfully turned out to be benign, but it still has to be dealt with). God is so good in His timing and care.

I’ve been chasing grandkids, raising bunnies, and doing lots of weeding in my garden. (Why is it that weeds grow so fast?) And I have been doing some writing which I hope to share more about that when I come back from hiatus.

I hope y’all are having great fun over the summer.

Take care. Lori <><

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Break Time

Hi, all. For some time I’ve been feeling like changes for The Generous Wife and The Marriage Bed are just around the corner. Our world is changing and Paul and I need to consider how we present our message.

That said, I need some down time to pray and ask God for direction. So the upshot of it is that I’m going to take a three month hiatus from The Generous Wife to rest and reflect.

thoughtful woman

I encourage y’all to follow a couple of marriage-friendly blogs over the summer or grab a few friends to read and discuss a marriage book. Look for opportunities to have fun with your husband and challenge yourself to exercise your generous muscles.

Love y’all. See you in a few.

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Send Me Back Saturday – His Place in Your Heart

(Originally posted on March 2, 2020.)

Your husband is your main man. He’s the one you promised to love, honor, and cherish for life.

Take a quiet moment and look into your heart. That space for him? Is there anything crowding him out?

Are you too busy? Are you dreaming of the perfect man (à la romance novels)? Have you locked him out with unforgiveness or bitterness?

heart lock

Simplify your life a bit. Put down that novel. Have that talk and work through your hard feelings. It takes effort, but do what you need to do to give him back that place in your heart.

Marriage thrives in a climate of love, honor, and respect.

Author Unknown
  • Prayer Prompt: Ask God to help you deal with whatever is hurting your husband’s position in your heart.
  • Resource: title comment

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