Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 10, 2010

(Please be aware that lingerie catalogs or stores may be a temptation to your husband and that sending romantic things to your husband’s place of business may cause problems for him. The moral of this warning is that you need to think things through before you romance your husband. Know your husband and know his work situation.)

I finally decided what I’m going to do this year. We try not to spend lots of money on things we don’t need, like expensive jewelry or flowers and dinners that don’t last, etc. SO, I decided: On Tuesday, I’m gonna ask my hun if I can use the convertible (“our car that usually he drives” I usually drive the truck) all day. Then I will surprise him by detailing it/washing/cleaning it all (it needs to be done) and then that night I want him to take me to dinner and then to my home business meeting. I think it will be a fun, busy but meaningful day that way. :) He already knows we have a weekend couples’ getaway planned that next weekend and he will think we’re “done with V-day” until I surprise him by waiting for the V-day sales that week (something sexy to wear, something choclatey, etc.) for our weekend away.

My husband bought a box of the Valentines that children usually give out at school. He wrote little things on them and put them all around the house where I would find them as I got ready in the morning. (He leaves for work at 4am, so he did it before I got up in the morning.) They were in the bathroom, in my jewelry box, in the refrigerator, in my car, basically anywhere I would find them as I went about my morning routine. This was so out of character for him, and it was so cute. I was going around the house looking for them and smiling the whole time. It was a great start to the day. Anybody could do this, and it is definitely not expensive! Great bang for your buck :)

I got a “Neena and Veena” bellydancing tape and secretly practiced the moves for several weeks. I bought some sheer fabric from Wal-mart along with some jingly coins and made a costume. It wasn’t show material but it got the idea across. :) I did the dance for him and he absolutely LOVED IT! When I was done he wanted to see it again! :)

Another idea: Get some pretty red paper … decorate with ribbon or lace or whatever you like. Make a “coupon” for one massage session, complete with massage oils, soothing music, and warm towels. He will love the attention!

This year is our first Valentine’s Day being married. I made my husband a 6×8 scrapbook of reasons that I love him. Valentine’s Day just happens do be the 150th day that we’ve been married. So the title on the cover of the book is ‘150 reasons I love you’. I used cardstock to print some of the reasons I love him. The book has a handwritten note from me and pictures of us. I hope he really likes it!

My wedding anniversary is the day before Valentine’s Day. So it is always a challenge to come up with unique ideas… One year I made 101 hearts (you can use diecuts, makes it a lot faster) and then I wrote one thing “I respect you because you….” then I tossed them inside my husbands truck. He got a kick out of it. He said for months he thought he had gotten them all up but he would find one under the seat or in the floor. He really liked it.

Here is something that my husband did for me. It is fun and free! We have a new phone that has a selection of ring tones. My husband set it so when he calls me from his cell it “sings” “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”. Most cell phones also have this feature. So sneak your husband’s phone away and set it up to sing for you. If you don’t know how to do it ask your teen, failing that call the store.

We’re really on a tight budget so I had to get very creative. I took a glass container out of the cabinet and decorated it. Then the kids and I filled it with drawings, notes, and coupons for him to open like candy. I added his favorite chocolates and a new pair of sexy underwear all mixed up to make a “Daddy Candy” jar. For added surprise I mailed the package to his office and made sure he would have his surprise on Valentine’s Day. I’m really excited about this year’s gift!

The Lord has really spoken to me this year about this one thing. He/She who puts Jesus first in their life, puts their wife/husband second. That means above everything. That is the best Valentine’s Gift you can give your spouse. If you put Jesus in your life first (above everything) then, your spouse will automatically come second in everything. And,there will be a much tender,sweeter relationship. :O) Just wanted to share. <><

I make my husband a coupon book for Valentine’s Day. Coupons for a free hug, a 30 minute back rub, favorite meal, etc. It is inexpensive, fun to do and a gift that keeps on giving.

What I’ve done for this year is I bought a bunch of decorations and I am going to decorate our bedroom while he is at work. I am going to hang paper hearts from the ceiling and I am going to dig out our red Christmas lights too. I also thought about using a big heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out cake and make a heart shaped cake. Hope he likes it!

For our Valentine’s Day we have our annual “Sweetheart Dinner”. Because we have seven children, there were many years we didn’t do much on Valentine’s Day, but one year I decided to make the best of it and start our tradition of setting the table with my best linen tablecloth, flatware, crystal, china and the centerpiece was the bouquet of roses my dh (dear husband) sends every year. (A restaurant wannbe!) I then place a small heart box of chocolates and a larger one for dh. We usually keep it simple with steaks done on the grill, etc. but, the children are seeing Mom and Dad in love and we all talk on the LORD’s great love for us. It’s a wonderful time!

My Valentine’s ideas are food related ~ red and white or heart food. As much goes into the arrangement of the food to give it the emphasis of red and white as the very food itself:

* salmon steaks or fillet with rice on the side (put your green veggies on another platter)
* white turkey slices with thinned cranberry sauce (pour it on in the outline of a heart?)
* tomato & mozzarella (cut into hearts? with a food garnishing tool) salad
* tomato pasta sauce on noodles
* apples (and as you present a baked apple, say, “You are the apple of my eye”)
* radishes (and as you present them, say, “I find you radishing, my dear …”
* cherry, strawberry or raspberry cheesecake
* Many others have already mentioned cakes and cookies.

And, of course, lots of food can be cut into hearts: slices of carrots, zuchini, radishes, to name but a few.

And those cookie rollers that press a design into cookies? If you have a heart one, roll it over your bread before putting it into the toaster. I was given one a few years ago that actually says, “I heart symbol you.”

And always, while he is home that day, have lots of colourful lipstick on (nope it doesn’t have to be Valentine Red!). Your usual colour right from when you brushed your teeth after getting up until you climb into bed. And smack his cheeks and forehead.

AGAIN, this year we will be apart for Valentine’s Day. In 14 years of marriage, we’ve been in the same city TWICE. That’s OK, we always make our own Valentine’s when we are together. Just a night out usually after the official date, dedicated to the two of us, not a lot of money (especially not the Valentine’s Day set menu prices!)


“Food” for thought!

One year, my husband and I shopped online at Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s. His goal was to see what kind of lingerie I really liked. We had a lot of fun and he was surprised (pleasantly) at some of my choices. Then for Valentine’s Day, we both had ideas about what the other really liked. And it was fun “modeling” our choices to candlelight and music…

Each week we already set aside a date night which we usually spend looking at each other saying “what do you want to do.” I am creating a game for us called The Year of Pleasure. It has 60 date ideas that will be in envelopes color coded based on the type of mood we are in (intimate, outdoor activities, full day dates/ etc). The activities range from going to the park and flying a kite or taking a carriage ride to baking cookies in our birthday suits or full body massages. He will be able to choose one card from the category of his choosing each week. It will be like the gift that keeps on giving, because each week he will have a new surprise! I am going to put it in a nice box and type up a direction sheet and everything to go with it like it were a real game. The box will have the cards in it, as well as any “accessories” that will be needed to fulfill the dates.

We purchased the book 1001 Ways to be Romantic by Gregory Godek. it is a wealth of wonderful romantic ideas. we have enjoyed it over the years, and i have given it as a wedding gift more than once! I especially like #121 Send an old-fashioned telegram! Call Western Union at 800-325-6000, or visit I plan to do that this Valentine’s Day.

This year, we’re not spending much on each other for V-day because instead, we wanted to actually be able to buy our wedding pictures from our photographer. (Our one year anniversary is in April.) So, since cash is limited, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a box of kid’s valentine’s cards and plan on leaving them all over the house and in his car on Valentine’s Day for him to find throughout the day. I also bought a big one to leave on our bed that night…one that’s a little more “adult.” It’s cheap and sweet and really fun because it takes you back to being a kid and passing out those little Valentine’s cards.

Another idea is a heart shaped casserole for dinner. You can find heart shaped dishes everywhere right now. That would be something cute to add to the dinner table for Valentine’s Day… and cheap :)

I think one of the greatest times my husband and I have expressed our love to one another was in our wedding vows. This V Day, I am going to have the vows I made to him printed in a pretty font, and then frame them with one of our wedding photos in a pretty frame. Then, every day he can see that I VOWED to make every day Valentine’s Day!!

The most romantic thing my husband ever did (while we were dating) was to send Sheri’s Berries crosscountry from Sacramento, California to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I did not know you could do this! It still remains one of our best memories ever!

For a personal and relatively inexpensive gift, give him 12 gift certificates, one for every month until the next Valentine’s Day. Put something on the gift certificate that is special and out of the ordinary that you know he would like. “This entitles you to one romantic evening….including stockings and garters!” He will flip!

What I usually do is make my husband a chocolate cake (his favorite) in the shape of a heart with a little saying or just a regular shaped cake and write a saying on it with icing.

This is my plan for this year: I picked up a huge Valentine’s Day card at the store — it’s about 28 x 16 inches. On the inside cover of the card, I plan on taping a new, skimpy outfit, sprinkling the card with lavender, and then mailing it to his work. I have so much fun planning these things. I can’t wait for him to receive it!!

It may sound simple; but we make it a priority to go on a date around Valentine’s Day. It can be hard to find a babysitter that night, so we settle for any other night that week. What’s important, is making time to be alone and thank each other for all that the other brings to our life together. I have the best husband God could have created for me!

My husband’s first language is NOT English. So I have challenged myself to learn his language – just as he has taken the time and effort to learn mine. We have been married for 10+ years now and I’m still working on his language – it’s one of the more difficult ones out there. I know that he appreciates when I send him little love e-mails and cards to his work written in his language. I believe that the only way for a husband and wife to really understand and know each other is to fluently understand the other person’s first speech language – because it reveals the way we think, why we think that way, our culture and our faith.

I bought a new pair of racy red panties and stuffed them into his briefcase one day. I knew he had a private office so it really would be JUST HIM that saw them when he opened the briefcase. Another idea is to put it in his car somewhere obvious to him but not openly on display. Made him smile….and wait til evening!

This is pretty neat. If you go to and put in promotion code bc2004 you will get to send your hubby a free personalized song via email … very cool. They send it immediately after you create it so I suggest you have it emailed to your own email address first. Then on Valentine’s Day you can forward to him. Not sure how long the promotion code will last (it costs $4.95 regular price).

I did this for Christmas! My husband was so surprised since I made 52 cards for him, each with something different. The funniest part is that HE did the same thing for ME, just different cards and a whole lot more!

We enjoy getting away and trying out new B & Bs and hotels. This year we are using some of our Christmas money to pay for a night at one we discovered last year. Since we have a new baby, we decided to invite my husband’s parents to join us. They booked their own room in the same hotel, offering us the chance to have a romantic Valentine’s evening without worrying about our little one. :)

I like to take my kids to the dollar store and let them pick out something for Daddy. Usually its a toy, which is great because he can play with the kids. They get really excited about shopping for him, and he is wonderful about making it his favorite present ever!!!!

One year for Valentine’s Day we weren’t able to find a babysitter, and we lived in a town that had little to offer in the way of “fine dining.” My husband went to the local Chinese buffet and picked up some dinner, and my daughter and I redecorated the living room for dinner. We picked up some carnations at the grocery store and plucked the petals. After lighting a candle in the middle of the coffee table, we surrounded it with carnation petals. Then we turned all the lights down and ate Chinese by candle light. It was a Valentine’s Day I’ll never forget! We always eat Valentine’s dinner at home now, and we always try to think of a new and creative way to redecorate.

This year Valentine’s Day will be a working day. If your husband will be in the office or somewhere else at work, try to write him a short, but sweet and creative love letter (short because he probably won’t have time to read 5 pages at work :-) ) and send it to his working address so that it arrives in time for Valentine’s Day. If you know that he is in a meeting at a certain point of time, leave a message on his work-place answering machine, a simple “I love you” will make his heart explode and put a smile on his face, no matter how stressful and annoying the meeting was! And if you want something special, prepare a hot bath with nice smelling aroma candles, a bottle of champagne (or beer, whatever he prefers), his favourite music, and wait there for him (in the bath) when he comes from work… Rest is up to you! :-)

I found an old square box — the small, plain white ones jewelry comes in — and using a computer design program (I have Microsoft Publisher) I made a sign for the top that said, “Why I’m Glad I Said Yes” and clip art of a couple getting engaged. Inside the box I put twenty things I love about my husband. Same as the sign, they were little slips of paper I created in Publisher with a comment and a bit of clip art to illustrate it on each one — for example “I love the way you kiss me” with clip art of two fish kissing or “You always make sure I have coffee in the morning” with a picture of a coffee cup. Some were sweet, some were sexy. I tied the box up with red ribbon and he was so thrilled. If you aren’t a computer person, the whole thing could be written and you could draw pictures, cut them out of magazines, or use stickers.

I saw some red fuzzy dice and came up with an idea. You would write out nice things to do for each other on a slip of paper and put them in number categories one through six. One being simple things like a kiss. The higher numbers being more complex (or steamy such as a sexual favor). Each day for six days (need an even number of days to make it fair) leading up to Valentines day, each spouse would roll one dice and then pick a slip of paper from the appropriate category, and let the good times roll!

With three kids as well as a family birthday on Valentine’s Day, the romantic side of this holiday was lacking for my husband and I. Last year I decided to treat him to a whole week of romance. We called it the Week O’ Love and every day I gave him different gifts around this theme. Here are a few of his more favorite days.

Shower O’ Love- the kids and I painted a clear shower curtain with paint markers using handprints and various signs of love. Then we hung it so he would be greeted with it for his morning shower. I also included a bottle of his favorite body wash.

Coupon Book O’ Love- These are easy to find on the net.

E-mail O’ Love- I e-mailed him once an hour for 14 hours with various poems, messages and sayings. This was the hardest task to pull off but he really loved looking forward to each hour’s message.

Jar O’ Love- We filled a jar with his favorite candy and with little slips of paper saying how much we loved him. Then I snuck it into his office at work.

My husband was really touched with the effort and time we put into this week. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

The first year I was married, I sent my hubby a cookie bouquet to his work for Valentine’s Day. I ordered a dozen red rose cookies. He loved them! He was so surprised to get something delivered to him–I could tell it made him feel very special! (And the cookies were delicious too!)

One year the kid’s and I made our family room, (where we watch TV) into an on the floor bedroom. We all brought down our bedding and made a huge bed with pillows and blankets, we lit candles together and made home made pizza. We had picked out a fun family movie to watch together and spent the evening in our jammies together. I also had it ready for when my husband came home from work he could just jump into the shower and his jammies were waiting for him. This was fun with the kids and after the kids went to bed there was a fun place to play.

My hubby’s favorite Valentine’s Day gift that I ever gave him was a jar! I took a 1 pint canning jar and lid, and decorated the outside with red cloth for under the ring, heart stickers, and a label made from heart print paper. I cut 31 hearts out of the heart paper (scrapbook paper, but you could use pink and red and white, etc. for the hearts) and on each one I wrote something I love about him. Each day he pulled one first thing in the morning. He loved this way to “spend time” with me first thing! :o) Some things were a bit racy, some romantic, some funny, and so on. I am planning on doing it again this year, since he has become a father twice since then! (4 times if you “count” my nieces and 5 if you count he has been a full time dad to his dd15 for nearly a year) When a man becomes a father through birth or choice (which makes it sound like he would never choose our boys LOL) it opens up tons of other dimensions to love.

One year on our anniversary we had very little money so I purchased a nice inexpensive bottle of wine, some nice cheese and crackers, a variety of seafood from the deli and some salad bits and a couple of little deserts. I got a neighbour to baby sit and packed picnic gear and the purchases and had a lovely BBQ by the local lake. It was so lovely. we cooked together and didn’t bother with plates but just ate off the BBQ and from the salad bowl. It wasn’t refined but one of our most treasured moments. (Remember, of course, that our anniversary and valentines day are both in the middle of summer here in Australia.)

I am a young grandmother (46) with four children (ages 24 to 27) and ten grandchildren (all 4 years and under). I work part-time along with babysitting grandchildren. My husband and I also have a nephew and his three-year-old son living with us. Since we’re so busy, I’ve decided this year to give us the gift of time together. We’re going to celebrate the twelve days of Valentine’s (instead of the twelve days of Christmas). We’re going to have dates every night from February 1 through Feb 12. (We’re babysitting for our children on the nights of Feb 13 and Feb 14.) We’re going to take turns planning the dates, and we’re going to try to make at least some of the dates things we’ve never done or haven’t done for a long time. (An adaptation of this if you have children at home, would be to plan “dates” each night after the children are in bed — play a game, eat a special treat, watch a movie, etc.) Hope this gives someone an idea they can use. :)

Take a jar of his favorite nuts (peanuts, almonds, etc.). Take a perment marker and write on the lid or label, “I’m nuts about you” and leave it on his desk at work (or have it delivered to his job or hand it to a co-worker for them to hand it to him).

Last year on Valentine’s Day, I had a lot of fun and my Dh loved it! I went to the Dollar store and picked up a big gift bag. I filled it with a bunch of little cheapy items. To each item, I attached a note. For example, on a Hot Wheels car, the note said, “You rev my engine, baby!” On a roll of Lifesavers candy, the note said, “You’re my lifesaver!” On a sheet of frog stickers, the note said “I’d croak without you!” Some of the notes were a little racy, others were silly…. I then wrapped each gift individually. A friend who lives down the street took the bag to work for me–she works in the same building as my husband–and passed them out all over the building. All day long, every time my hubby stepped onto the elevator or rounded a corner, someone was handing him a present. Although some of the gifts made him blush a little, he really loved it and had a blast with it. At the end of the day, our friend who’d helped me, delivered the final gift and the sack to carry all the goodies home in.

My husband just started learning to play the guitar so in order to encourage his new hobby I will be getting him some stuff that he needs like pics, a guitar strap, a capo, and maybe some music books.

In his job, my husband has to keep notes as to what he takes in and out, and while he does have to keep this on the “official” form for their business, it’s easy for him to write the info on a notepad and then transfer it later rather than carry around a huge clipboard. Because of this, for our anniversary, which is Valentine’s Day, I made up notepads with our names and wedding date on it, making note not to have it too girly!

Last year, I baked a heart-shaped cake and decorated it. I used his favorite cake mix. You can personalize a sweet message on it. It is something inexpensive and something the two of you can enjoy for several days! You can find these special shaped cake pans on-line or at a craft store such as Michael’s.

For Valentine’s Day, the kids and I send my husband on a scavenger hunt around the house to find a few gifts. We write his clues on hearts that are decorated by the children – and send him searching for his presents. It is pretty much the same each year, one gift is a batch of his favorite cookies, another is a black and white picture of the kids that I take and then get framed, and usually the kids make something for him to find, also. I wait until we are alone to give him my gift! He looks forward to this every year and it really involves the children in the holiday, too. (We are now searching for our gifts on birthdays, too!)

Last year I didn’t have much money to get my husband anything for Valentine’s Day, so I got creative. Here is my tip and what I did for my husband last year:

If you are on a tight budget, as I was last year, get creative! Write your husband a poem about your relationship and how much you love him. If you’re not good at writing poetry, write him a love letter. Type it (or have a friend do it for you if you can’t type well) and print it on pink paper. Glue the poem/letter into a large sheet of red construction paper, which should be folded in half to make a card. Glue pink paper to the outside of the red card and then take a 3-hole hole punch and punch holes near the crease of the card. Take pretty ribbon (red, pink, or white with hearts) and weave it through the holes. Tie knots at the ends of the ribbon so it cannot come through the holes. Take fun valentine stickers and decorate the outside and inside of your card and be sure to sign the inside of your card. Add your husband’s favorite candy bar or candy to be given with the card.

Additional tip: make him his favorite meal and serve it by candlelight, if possible, dressed sexy, of course. Present your card and candy to him at dinner. My husband loved it and appreciated the time and personal thought I put into it, and I’m sure yours will too!

My dh and I like to cook and try new foods. We were recently on vacation and in a bookstore and saw the cookbook, Shakespeare’s Kitchen. It looked great but was $35. Now that we’re home, I checked and was able to get the book for around $15 including shipping! Yea! I plan to give the book to my dh on Valentine’s Day with a special dinner made from the same cookbook. To top it off, I’ll have some special quotes from Shakespeare (love ones, of course) that I’ll read to him. Oh, and the kids will be gone that night!!

Our family has set aside Valentine’s Day as our big yearly family celebration instead of the traditional holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas (we hope that when they marry, they won’t have to work through which holiday to spend with which parents). We have a big meal, often with several courses. The children make table decorations, place holders and cards. We pull out the china, crystal, tablecloth and candles to have a “romantic” family dinner. We try to invite others who might not have a sweetheart with whom to celebrate the day. After the kids are in bed, my husband and I can enjoy one another as we thank God for the wonderful family he has given us and for these precious years with our kids.

Just my own “tip” about notes … My husband used to be a serious Diet Coke addict…as in 2L per day. He would take 4 cans with him to work. I took to writing on the tops of the cans with a Sharpie comments like “wish my lips were here.” You need to do this before refrigerating the cans–as the cold cans will “sweat” too fast to write on them.

Last Valentine’s my husband and I were at a Christian Marriage retreat at a nice resort. It was a wonderful way to grow and celebrate our marriage!

Here are the lyrics to a song that is appropriate between a husband and wife. I planned to find these, learn them, and sing them to my husband when we are alone together. I had forgotten that they spoke so much of having been apart. I decided to share them here anyway, because there are surely couples represented on your list for whom this fits perfectly.

Every Valentines day I give my husband a set of 12 coupons. One per month, I print them from the computer on business cards and put expiration dates on them. Each coupon says “This coupon entitles you to _________________”(fill in the blank!!!!…each one is different) I leave a few blank so he can fill them in with whatever he wants :-) He really enjoys this!

You could buy a bunch of Hershey’s hugs and kisses, and make a Valentine’s advent calendar. I’m sure there are craft sites online that have patterns for making your own.

If you wanted to get really crafty, you could make little paper wrap boxes about 1 1/2 inches big with candies in them (mini M&Ms would work, you can get small tubes for .69$ USD), and a message in the bottom. Make sure that you don’t glue it so much that it can’t be undone and made flat. It’s amazing how sentimental some guys are, and they’ll probably want to keep a hold of them for years. This could even work long distance.. make them all at once, then put the dates on the flat sides of the boxes, and stack them all in a box – with a small note of warning not to open them all in one go for those sweet tooths. ;)

My husband collects swords so I let him always mark about 10 swords he really likes and I chose from it. And he also likes to read Louis L’AMOUR books so that is what he gets every year is books and swords for any occasion. I have a wish list of German speaking DVDs and James Avery Jewelry. That way he doesn’t have to think and I get what I want. It works for us really good .

“J in VA”
As parents of four, we have seldom been able to get out to celebrate on Feb. 14, and I’ve only managed one “kidnapping” for an overnight getaway one special birthday. But what I have tried to do are the little things, like buy HIM flowers and a helium balloon for a change, or draw a card and write an original poem rather than purchase a card.

One year I found in a drawer many 3-4″ construction paper hearts that I had made for a church party a previous year–layered cut designs made of red, white, and pink paper. I decided to tape them all over our townhouse, some in hidden spots. Then when my husband arrived home from work, I got out the video camera and followed him around the house as he tried to retrieve each one–more than 100! I sometimes teased him about how close or far off he was, or stood near one and said things like, “Couldn’t possibly be one anywhere in this corner!” as I filmed his hunt. He acted quite embarrassed, but I think he truly liked the attention and hasn’t forgotten it. We had just one toddler then, but I bet older kids would love getting in on the hiding and hunting with their dad.

Another Valentine’s Day I found a clear plastic bottle in a Hallmark-type store that was labeled to mail. I rolled up a gushy message, put in some sparkly hearts and a small silk rose, added bright stickers to the outside, then mailed it to his office. I recall there were some jealous co-workers! This memento is still sitting around our house some 6-8 years later.

How about some high end sheets? 600 thread-count cotton sheets can be secured on EBAY for a reasonable price, and the romance of spending time in a luxurious bed is wonderful.

I like to surprise him with a new negligee or pair of panties. Even just $3 spent can create a sexual memory!

I wrote this the other day after having a conversation with a friend (and considering your encouragements to be generous). I found my friend to be very generous in spirit to her husband who likes to take the road less traveled when they go somewhere. Needless to say, a two hr. trip sometimes takes them 4, but she tells me she’s learned to enjoy the detours on their trips, in their marriage and in her life. Whether this is just between you and me or if it goes any farther doesn’t matter. In this day and age where bashing men is a sport I think it’s important to remember these things.

On enjoying your spouse

As each woman would like to believe she is different from every other woman on earth, so each man would like the same.
Each woman believes she brings something unique to a relationship.
So does each man.
What is unique about the man in your life?
One friend has told me that her husband has helped her to enjoy the detours in life (as a matter of fact he creates a great number of them).
Another is grateful to her husband for teaching her the value of a routine.
Another has been grateful for the display of steadfastness.
And yet another for the benefits of frugality early in their marriage.
Does the man in your life display caution or spontaneity?
Do you enjoy the maturity or the childlike joy that your husband exhibits?
Do mechanical ability or carpentry skills in your spouse bring you great pleasure?
When he crosses a room does your heart still flutter despite the signs of aging that grace his frame?
Would a day without him seem like an empty day?
Would his sudden departure from your life leave a whole in your heart that you could drive a truck through?
Today, leth the man in your life know you appreciate him.
Give him a hug, squeeze his hand, lock eyes across the room or across the table and flash
that smile that says, ” I’m so glad God’s made you part of my life. I hope it lasts for a very long time”
Appreciate him and let him know it.

The other day I was invited to a Lingerie party by my Pastor’s Wife! I took the book home and let my husband pick something out that he would like to see me in. The place I recommend is of course you can find things in the regular stores, but once you get what you want (or what he wants)…

I wrote this for my local MOM’S Club newsletter and thought you might like it for one of your Valentine’s Day ideas. Although I did not reference the washing of Jesus’ feet in comparison, I personally found washing my husbands feet to be a very spiritually connecting experience, both to my husband, and to Jesus. :)

The “I Adore You” Surprise Foot Soak

Why not surprise your husband after a hard day’s work with this very unexpected gift of love and affection? It might seem a little uncomfortable for him (or you) at first, but gently persist and soon he will allow himself the indulgence and relaxation that he so deserves and desires. I find this to be much more intimate and somehow easier to give (and receive) if done quietly with lots of loving smiles.

You’ll need:
~One plastic tub/wash bin with deep sides (dishpan sized, you can usually find them at the dollar store)
~One bag of marbles (the gardening style half-marble shape works fine, too) Again, check the dollar store
~One fresh rose (maybe one from a Valentine’s Day bouquet?)
~About two tablespoons of oil, preferably a light scented oil such as almond, apricot, jojoba, or even plain baby oil
~(Optional) A few drops of lavender essential oil for aromatherapy/fragrance.

Make sure your husband has had time to relax a bit after work; dinner has been served, etc., and then prepare the foot soak about five minutes before you plan to surprise him with it. Place marbles in bottom of tub. Add fairly hot water to about a five or six inch depth. Gently mix in oil and fragrance oil (if using). Place towel on floor in front of chair or sofa, set tub on top, place your rose on the seat, then lead your unsuspecting hubby over. :}

Ignore any protests (and there will be some), shushing him while you remove his shoes and socks (no nose wrinkling, now!) and place his feet in the water. Scoop the marbles with your hands and use them in cupped palms to massage gently all over his feet. After a few minutes, take the rose, remove petals, and scatter them in the water over your husband’s feet. Continue the massage, alternating scooped marbles and petals cupped in your palms, until the water cools. Place the towel in your lap to dry his feet. An extra nice touch would be to finish off with a bit of lotion massaged into his feet.

If you’re not convinced you can do this, then try it as a gift to yourself first. You won’t believe how great it feels, even just to run the bottom of your feet over the marbles yourself. It’s a wonderful way to bring a little pampering into your home without a lot of effort or expense!

I bought satin sheets, mine were beige but red would be really cool if it fits with the colors in your bedroom or wherever… had a ready made bed with satin sheets under the comforter…unseen….rose petals..mine were red….all over the satin sheets and pillowcases…along with a dark chocolate under his pillow. He was so surprised and it was so great after our slow dance together!!!

For Valentine’s Day I am creating a “365 Reasons I Love You” box – it is a cute heart-shaped box I found at WalMart and I plan to put little reasons and scriptures (as applicable) on little pieces of paper like fortune cookie fortunes and put them all in the box. Personal, cheap and hopefully a nice encourager for him.

My tip is to have a couple’s massage! My husband has always given me massages as gifts, so last summer for our anniversary I got him a couple’s massage. He was a little hesitant at first but went along with it, I think because he knew I’d be there with him. It was so nice and relaxing that he has never stopped talking about it! We are going to have another one this Valentine’s Day! If money is an issue, you can check and see if there is a local School of Massage in your area, they are cheaper than other massage places. Hope this helps!

Last Valentine’s Day I spent little money, but did many little things to show my love. The night before Valentine’s Day I ironed my husbands clothes for him. Then I found about 10 love poems on the Internet, printed them and put them in places for him to find. In his shirt pocket, on the car steering wheel, on the shower door, etc… Then that night I made a CD with our favorite love songs and had them playing in the bedroom, I lit candles all around the room, drew him a bath and sprinkled rose pedals all over our bedroom, including the bed and his bath. He was very surprised when he came home from work and walked into our room. It was the first time I had gone all out for him on Valentine’s Day and he really appreciated the extra attention and effort.

As it is a normal working day for most of our husbands, maybe you can make him a special SELFMADE card (hey, buying one – anyone can do that! – be creative! No matter how good you are in that, your husband will love your efforts in it!) and make sure it reaches his office in time for the 14th… Maybe the card could include an invitation for a romantic dinner… just you and him… with his favourite food?

Last year for Valentine’s Day I cut out 30 construction paper hearts (about 4″ size) and wrote love notes and things that I appreciated about him, etc. I hid them in our home and in his office where I knew only he would find them. It was so much fun!! For the first week or so he found about 20 of them, but some took a little longer (like taped to the March page of his calendar) and it would be so fun to see him come home weeks later with a red heart in his hand and a smile on his face, knowing he had found yet another affirmation of my deep love and respect for him.

I have made my husband a coupon book, not just for romantic things but also things like his favorite dinner or I will wash the car for him even things like he will be excused from the trash duty one time.

My husband has a woodworking shop in the backyard. Last Valentine’s Day while he was at work I cleaned out a corner of it and set up a romantic table with candle light and chocolate and glasses of nice red wine. I also set up a big cushy air mattress nearby. After the kids went to bed that night, I secretly dressed in some red lingerie, put on my big coat, and went out there to wait for him. I called him on the cell phone and told him I needed him out at the shop. He loved it.

This Valentine’s Day I have something special planned. We are short on cash and have two kids under the age of three so I needed to find something to do that didn’t involve a sitter or “going out”. So this is my plan. I am going to put the kids down with my husband and then ask him nonchalantly to go get me something from the store. While he goes I will throw on a sexy dress and heels, let down my hair and light some candles. I am going to have two slices of cheesecake (which I will hide until this moment) set on the table. When he walks in, he will be so surprised and excited! It won’t be much, but it will be soooo sweet and thoughtful.

It is VERY hard to be romantic with resentment and bad feelings filling up the room between me and my husband. BUT, God has the answer.

This Valentine’s Day instead of trying to be “fake” gooshy, and lovey dovey, try doing an emotional clean-up heart-to-heart between you and your husband.

PRAY FIRST, for patience, love, forgiveness, and peace.

Then tell your hubby all the things you’ve done wrong against him, your relationship, and your marriage. “Little” things are the hardest to say I’m sorry for.

Think: “I’ve been wishing you would just leave me alone, because I’m so annoyed and frustrated with you sometimes. I’m so sorry. I need to be close to you and I want to have you around. Please forgive me for pushing you away, and let’s try to stay close, and work through our frustrations with love. I’m committed to it and I pray you are too.”

Just focus on cleaning up your own wrongs and resentments. Don’t worry if he does the same. God will honor you cleaning up your side of things, and will draw you and your husband closer. And will continue work on his heart.

Romance will bloom when we go to our husbands in humility and ask his forgiveness. God will replace resentment with love and tenderness.

I have a romantic recommendation that I tried one year – my husband was really touched. His birthday is in February, so being Valentine’s month, I tried to stay within a theme of hearts. I had some other gifts for him, but I cut out 34 small hearts (blue) and made overlapping cream colored hearts to glue on. I then hole-punched on the corner and tied them together with a blue curl ribbon. Since it was his 33rd birthday, I titled it ’33 Reasons Why I Love You’ on the first card and then proceeded to list 33 reasons on each heart. I know some people may think it sounds cheesy, but my husband really liked it and since we were on a tight budget at the time, it was virtually free for me to do it. Another thing that seems to be important to my husband is a nice home-cooked meal. I am the primary cook in the house, and I am very busy with work and school so I don’t always have time to cook a fabulous meal, so every now and then I like to surprise my husband cook him his favorite meal. Anyway, hope this helps!

Valentine’s Day is just a good time to look into one another’s eyes (without distractions) and explain why your spouse has been the BEST lover, friend, confidant…and BE SPECIFIC!! If you can’t think and speak very well on your feet, WRITE IT DOWN, he’ll love to read and reread your notes!!

My romantic Valentine’s tip would be to get a pretty box or decorate one. Inside, put coupons that you make. The coupons can be anything from breakfast in bed, kisses on the back of the neck, back rubs, whatever you think your spouse would enjoy. I did this the first Valentine’s Day the first year we were married. He still talks about it from time to time. Also, I made a CD of our favorite love songs and cooked his favorite dinner. After dinner we danced in our dining room to the CD.

I did this for our 38th anniversary but it also could be done before and around Valentine’s Day: I planned a little surprise for every day for 2 weeks ahead of the actual date. I went to the $1.00 store and bought 15 different love cards. I also bought little gifts, sweet treats, that I knew my husband might enjoy, so that each day he might have at least one surprise. Since three of our grown children are still at home and we do not have much privacy, I set up a card table in our room for romantic dinners. (The table is still there 2 years later, and we try to have a private dinner every so often.) We didn’t have a fancy dinner every night, but we did have a lace tablecloth and candlelight and fancy dishes. Some of the cards I hid in his underwear drawer, placed on his pillow right before he came to bed, or taped to his bathroom mirror. One night I had tickets for a production at our local theater as well as dinner out at a nearby restaurant. For that restaurant I bought gift certificates so that he could pay the bill. I wrapped all the little gifts, even if it was a little bag of his favorite candy. On the first card I gave him, I wrote 30 things that I loved about him. I eventually came up with 100 things that I wrote on some of the other cards. All of this took a little thought, but he appreciated it more than I thought he would.

For our 23rd wedding anniversary in October, my husband and I had a picnic at the beach at sunset. I had a basket packed with spring mix salad, pasta salad, chicken salad roll-up sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries and wine. The card table was complete with candlelight, linen tablecloth and napkins, china, silver and crystal and romantic music playing in the background. It would have been a perfect night except for a very stressful situation at my husband’s work that he was trying to deal with on his own, without burdening me. For Valentine’s dinner I want to try this again and I know it will be even more wonderful than in October.

My husband’s favorite pie is chocolate. So, I make the usual recipe, but instead of putting regular crust on top for Valentine’s Day, I use heart-shaped cut outs in the top crust, layering them all over the top.

We make sure to have dinner alone (maybe not on Valentine’s Day, due to our schedules, but as close as possible), and do a toast to romance. The dinner/dessert is usually finger foods, so we can easily feed each other.

One year when we didn’t have a lot of $$$ and my husband didn’t really need anything I created “love” coupons for him. You know for back rubs, a morning to sleep in, “wild sex”, “bunny love”, etc. you can be creative. These coupons had unlimited use and did not expire. Sometimes when I went to bed there would be a coupon on my pillow that he wanted to “cash in”. It was a fun gift, not expensive and it kept giving all year. Also, can go to bed a few minutes before your husband, put on something special and a bow around your neck, just give yourself!

Last year one of my friends went to get a spray on tan for Valentine’s Day. Before getting sprayed, she “decorated” her body with stickers with a message for her husband to see that night. I’m sure the message on the un-tan skin lasted a few days past Valentine’s Day. I thought this was a great idea and I wanted to share it with the group.

I have in the past (and intend to again this year) sent my husband a Valentine card a day for seven days leading up to Valentine’s Day (our local Dollar General sells nice cards for $0.50 and I print them on my computer, so cost is less than a dollar a day). My husband was touched and had a great time waiting to see what was coming next. I sent them to his work (in brown very professional looking envelopes) starting with very funny ones that led to the final very mushy one for Valentine’s Day.

Something we may do this year for Valentine’s Day is actually part of a fund raiser for a local non-profit called Meredith’s Miracles. A family in our area lost their 5 year old daughter, Meredith, after a 2+ year battle with cancer that started in her kidney. They have a deeply rooted faith in the Lord which has sustained them through this and brought about the organization of Meredith’s Miracles. They help families of children who are hurt or sick and need treatment outside of our small (10,000 pop.) town with things like lodging, travel and food while on the road or during a lengthy hospital stay. This year they are selling Valentine Candy Sundaes with all the profits going to the organization. They will do free delivery within the city limits. We are talking about purchasing our Valentines for each other from them since it is such a wonderful and needed service. I feel like there are other charities in other areas doing similar things so look around and see what is available.

This year will be a busy Valentine’s Day. Dh is a pastor of singles, so we will be working with them on that night… which means giving up a lot of our Valentine’s Day to serve. I don’t mind that we’ll be doing that, but of course would love an evening alone with my sweetie. When we get home from that event, I have a pink plastic serving tray (got it at the Goodwill store for 75 cents!) that I’m going to fill with heart-shaped chocolates I’m making (candy molds & melted chocolate chips!). I’ve got some tea light candles that are white with a red heart shape in the middle, so I’m going to put those in votive holders around our bedroom. I’ll serve him the chocolates on the tray by candlelight.

I once bought my husband a small gift and hid it in the house, actually, if I remember correctly, I hid it in my bra, but you can leave that part out if you like. I then created a clue hunt for him to find it. I don’t remember the specifics, but I used cryptic riddle type messages for example:

I am red and hot, but like to stay cool and am pretty tasty on your favorite dish.

I then attached the next clue to the bottle of Tabasco (his favorite seasoning) leading him to another place in the house. I used about a dozen or so clues, and he was getting very intrigued. I even placed a clue in the back pocket of my jeans (I think the clue said something about “you sit on me, but when you get up, I go with you” or something along those lines). So along with the final hiding place of the gift, we got to play touchy feely a couple of times throughout the game. He finally got his gift, and eventually, I got a very nice thank you.

It was on the spendy side, but once I got two tickets to my husband’s favorite pro team, rented a limo and picked him up from work and took him to the airport where we flew to the game (1/2 hr by plane).

I kinda was thinking for a Valentine’s present a wife could purchase The Power of a Praying Husband and The Power of the Praying Wife (both books are by Stormie Omartian) and give them to her husband for Valentine’s day. They could commit to reading them at the same time and trying to work on prayer for each other as well as together. I know the SINGLE best thing you can do for your marriage is to pray together! And the next one is to pray for your spouse in additon to praying with them!

Last year I took my husband out to a nice dinner. Coming home I went to the bedroom before him and sprinkled red silk hearts all over the bed and on the floor. I had placed lots of cupcandles everywhere and lit them. I dressed up in some red lingerie and we had a perfect night!

I bought a bunch of stuff from the Oriental Trading Co. to decorate the house with and some little stuffed animals that say cute things but they come by the dozen and they so I can leave them around or with gifts thru the year. I bought ducks and chili pepper stuffed toys because my dh likes those things and the chili peppers say things like “hot stuff.” They are small enough that I could pack one in his lunch or hang it from the rear view mirror. For Valentines Day I plan to get up early and decorate but I am not sure if I want to go out or make his favorite meal.

The nite before Valentine’s Day get a red lipstick or some other dark, dark color…. and write on his side mirror that you love him … you could even wear some and plant a kiss on the mirror too ;)

For Christmas (it would work for Valentine’s Day too), I got really creative. I took a wooden box and put heart and other Valentine’s-type stickers all over it and “Date Night” on the top and put a wood sealant on it. Then I made 52 coupons with various date night activities (some sexy and, um, racy and others not at all). I came up with most of these ideas on my own, but I found a few on the Internet (including TMB and TGW) when my creative juices were drying up.

Each coupon began “This coupon entitles you to:”

A picnic under the stars
One game of strip Monopoly (see rules below)
Board or card game of your choice
An evening of miniature golf
Tell me your wildest (or not so wild) fantasy and I’ll do my very best to fulfill it.
Whatever you want to do tonight. You get to make up the card.
One game (or more) of chance; roll the dice to get your prize (see rules below)
A foot massage tonight
One game of sexual 20 questions
One game of 20 questions (no sex questions allowed)
A back scratch for as long as you want
Sex-any way you want it tonight
Cuddling-no sex tonight, just cuddling
Sex in the location of your choosing (be creative!)
Be my guide: guide my hands where you want them (on me or you!)
A strip tease on the night of your choosing
One game of strip poker
A night where I’ll recreate the best date you think we’ve ever had
A picnic with the food of your choosing (I’ll pick the location)
Try a new position in bed tonight
Purchase one outfit for me next time we’re out shopping (price must be reasonable and you can’t see it on me at the store)
Sex with any “toys” of your choosing
No hands tonight
Lips only tonight
One game of strip Uno (see rules below)
Choose the outfit tonight
Recreate the best sex you think we’ve ever had
Pick a menu (I’ll make it for you)
Tie me up; I am all yours tonight-(with blindfold)
A sexual ice cream sundae
A movie of your choosing (theater or rental)
A nonsexual ice cream sundae
Oral sex tonight-on me
Sex in your truck
A five senses evening
Breakfast in bed
An evening meal cooked together
Oral sex tonight-on you
Sex in the car
Recreate the Pillowmail story of your choosing
Sex in the bed of your truck
Be a mannequin for the night
Use me as a mannequin for the night
Tie me up; I am all yours tonight-(no blindfold)
3 wishes in the bedroom (I can’t say no)
Naked night!
Blindfold me; I’m all yours tonight
One game of strip Trivial Pursuit (see rules below)
Go shopping for costumes (to buy or not)
Your favorite dessert
A back massage (with oil)
A full body massage (with oil)
A neck massage

The Rules:

Rules for the Date Night Box
Once a week (and no more!) you can pick out one date. I’ll read it and see if it is something we can do that week. (I can’t say no if we can do it.) It’s then up to you whether you want it to be a surprise or not. (There may be some I won’t let you choose whether it’s a surprise or not.)

Rules for Strip Monopoly
Each of us will begin wearing 10 items of clothing (jewelry doesn’t count; a pair of socks is one item). Each time you land on the other player’s property, you must forfeit one item of clothing. Each time you pass Go, you may win back one item of clothing or a kiss if there are no items to win back.

Rules for a game of chance
1=kiss on the lips
2=kiss me on the body part of my choice
3=kiss me on the body part of your choice
4=flash of my body part of your choice
5=you may fondle my body part of your choice
6=mini strip show

Rules for Strip Uno
Each of us will begin wearing 10 items of clothing (jewelry doesn’t count; a pair of socks is one item). Each time you play a Wild or Draw Four Wild card, you choose which item of clothing the other player must take off. When you play a Reverse card, you may win back one item of clothing or a kiss if there are no items to win back. When you hit Uno, the other player must strip for you.

Rules for Strip Trivial Pursuit
Each of us will begin wearing 10 items of clothing (jewelry doesn’t count; a pair of socks is one item). Each time you answer a question incorrectly, you must forfeit one item of clothing. Each time you answer a question correctly, you may win back one item of clothing or a kiss if there are no items to win back. For each pie piece you earn, the other player must forfeit one item of clothing.

My husband works nights and I always pack his lunch. The other day I put in a bag of red hots and wrote a little note that said “You give me the hots.”

I also asked my husband what he thought would make our bedroom a more romantic place and vowed that no matter what it was I would make OUR bedroom reflect both of our romantic sides.

I let my husband get a 51 in. HDTV-so that pretty much did it for him! I know it’s not so romantic, but he’s smiling from ear to ear and has been sooo nice to me. What I’m trying to say is: I listened to him and did something for him that was so out of the ordinary for me to do. I spoke his love language, I guess you’d say.

Wear the gifts dh gives you to show you appreciate his loving gesture to you. I have in the past let gifts of jewelry, for example, just sit in my jewelry box for “special ” occasions… but our life should be celebrated as a special occasion every day… so wear the jewelry, perfume, outfits whatever you get… because they were purchased for you by someone who loves you…

I think the most romantic thing my husband and I have ever done was to take a break from our three kids for a weekend and attend a Family Life Today “Weekend to Remember” Conference (which just happened to be over Valentine’s weekend). We have been married for 10 years, but learned so many new and interesting things about each other during that weekend. It was romantic as well as pivotal in many aspects of our relationship.

We have tried to make a point of getting away from home for 1-2 days a year, free of responsibilities as that experience showed us how refreshed and energized we return to our lives after such a time. Sounds like a simple idea, but in such a busy world, setting aside an entire weekend for each other is very meaningful.

Put herseys kisses all over the floor, and leave your hunny a note that says “I kiss the ground you walk on!” A little corny, but it brings a smile.

I am going to do for my husband, for Valentine’s Day, what a friend of mine did once for hers. She got a jar and filled it with candy. She also got small stips of paper and wrote or typed things she loved about him. She wrote personal things such as how much she loved watching him play with his grandchildren, hearing him pray, etc. She also included funny things. I will also probably include things that will bring back memories of our meeting, engagement, early marriage. When the candy was all gone, he still had a jar full of notes of love, romance, and appreciation. He keeps it on his desk and he pulls them out occasionally. I thought that was a great idea.

Write him a haiku poem if you’re not a “wordy” person. First line has five syllables, second has seven, last line has five. Try it, it’s kinda fun. Then do one for each of your kids!

I would like to share a cheap idea I did for my husband on Valentine’s a few years ago. I turned our dining room into a restaurant complete with wait staff (my two daughters). First I covered the entryway to our dining room with a sheet so he couldn’t see inside. I made up a restaurant name Shea Valentine’s. I cut out a bunch of heart shapes and wrote on them all the reasons why I love him and taped them on the sheet for decoration. I went to a local grocery store and purchased two individual fancy desserts to split in half and bought all the fixings for his favorite meal and a bouquet of flowers for a centerpiece decoration also. On the table I set up two place settings on top of a plastic red table cloth (from the dollar store). At each place setting I used a plate with a bowl stacked on top with tulle in between them a nice glass with tulle in them as well, I rolled plain white napkins (stamped them with hearts) and tucked the tableware in them and tied them with some ribbon. I put a little bit of confetti on the table as well for color. I lit candles all over the room and had a boom box with our favorite songs ready to go in it.

Upon arriving home my husband he was greeted by me asking him to join me at a new romantic restaurant I heard of. We walked to the dining room where our girls had the music playing and proceeded to serve us our dinner and we even slow danced.

Since my husband and I are both full time college students with no children we live on a tight budget because we chose to focus more on our classes rather than work ourselves to death. Our first Christmas (this past one) we decided our wedding in October was gift enough for us and we should use the money we did have left over for family gifts. Well, I thought he would still try to give me SOMETHING even if it was a homemade card OOHH no. Well, it didnt take me long to see I’d rather exchange gifts than have none at all. (I did cheat and get him something for Christmas.) Soo we have agreed to have our Valentine’s Day on the numeral day we got married, the 22nd. I figure this would allow all the Vally gifts to be 50% at the stores, more affordable for our pocketbooks and this day would have more romantic meaning for us because it was the numeral day we married. Kinda like celebrating a monthly anniversary. Happy Vally Day

My husband and I have been married almost 18 years (April). We began a long distance relationship, and then immediately following our honeymoon, he left to join the Army. Needless to say, we have some very fun letters that chronicle the beginning of our courtship – from our first date. I have both my letters to him, and his letters to me. I am going to pair them up with a pretty ribbon and leave him a few over the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

At our Party USA store they have a lot of fun stuff for couples I found these “lottery” type tickets and you are to scratch one square from three different sections – the “What” the “Where” and the “When” – oh, they are called “Lover’s Lotto Game.” Anyways, hubby has already seen them as I bought some for his birthday, but I plan on using them again for Valentine’s Day, probably next to his plate with a romantic dinner.

I don’t know if this is appropriate to share, but I read about this very cool idea that I would love to try, possibly for Valentine’s Day, but I am still trying to figure out exactly how it would work! (Ha! Maybe I read about it on here?) Anyways, you buy a canvas and some paints and then you would need a large drop cloth or something to protect the floor. Then you paint different parts of your body different colors and make love on the canvas – and “paint” your own art piece!! =) I am trying to figure out if the work and the mess would be worth it!

One tip that was a huge success… the 12 days of Christmas. My husband was so excited when I started giving him gifts that he got into the act on day 3 and delivered a single red rose to me at work in front of all of my coworkers. The card simply said, “On the third day, He rose.” What a blessing for me!

I will probably do something along those lines for Valentine’s Day with little homemade Valentines – I’m thinking nine valentines that actually spell out the word VALENTINE on our great big bathroom mirror.

You could do this for Valentine’s Day, or any day, but I did it for my last anniversary. I was thinking about my wedding dress hanging in the closet, and only having been worn once. I put it on, shoes, garter, and all, fixed up my hair and makeup, and put the kids to bed early. When my husband came home, he was delighted. We kinda re-created our honeymoon. You could make a candle light dinner (this year, I called his Mom and got one of his favorite recipes to make for him), decorate the bedroom, set out wedding albums, watch wedding videos, even have him a nice suit or such set out to dress up with you, turn on the music and dance in your living room. Make sure you take some pictures too. Whatever you do, remember your wedding, and make use of a costly dress that has nothing better to do!

Once my hubby asked my why I loved him… I must have been busy or something because I just gave some generic answer… “Because You are You… because you complete me blah blah blah” type of answer.

Well later while he was at work, I realized that I did NOT do good enough! I started to write him a letter… and soon had thought of so very many reason that I lost count… So I began to write them down on paper. After I got to number 247 I cut each reason into a strip and filled up a shoe box.. and to the top I wrote.. Why I Love You… and left it on his pillow. There were little every day things like… I love how you always ask me if I need anything when you get up to go to the kitchen, To some spicier things.

That was 4 years ago. When we were packing things we “couldn’t live without” to take with us for hurricane Rita, he brought that box!! How sweet is that man!? This Valentines Day I am adding more to the box!

This is our first V-Day together: last year we were long-distance dating, and we were married this past October. So I really want to do something special for my dear man. Unfortunately, our week is packed: he has Bible study Monday night; I have praise team rehearsal Tuesday night; he has church board meeting Wednesday night. Well, our 2nd car (the one I drive) started acting up, and so I won’t be able to drive for a few days this week until it’s fixed. That means that I cannot go to praise team rehearsal, leaving Valentine’s Day free! Woo hoo!!

I had asked my dear man for 3 Valentine’s Day wishes. His first (and only) wish was that I wouldn’t ask him to give me wishes in the future. ;) He’s a thinker, but he doesn’t have a lot of preferences about things like this.

So here’s what I think I’m going to do. One of his favorite foods is hamburgers. I’m going to make heart-shaped hamburgers and perhaps heart-shaped cheese for them. And I’m going to make his favorite pie (chocolate) and decorate it with whipped cream on top – hearts, I suppose. I’m going to dress up nicely before he comes home, find some sort of tablecloth in this mess of an apartment (I’ll improvise something since we don’t own a tablecloth), put out candles, and have a “fancy” meal. I think the effort will speak to his heart. He’s such a dear man!

For Valentine’s Day five years ago I went to a craft store and bought a wooden heart. Painted it red with craft paint. After it dried, I wrote I LOVE YOU! across the front and added the date to the back. Then began a tradition that is still going today. I hid the heart in his coat pocket with a note that said he must hide it for me and the exchange has continued. Some times we find it that day and other times we may go for awhile before locating it. Always a treat when we find it!

Buy a book (preferably something with romance and encouragement) and give it to him as a gift. Then decide to read to each other starting on Valentine’s Day and then once a week or whatever. Great thing is you can do this over the phone too if the hubby travels a lot. The book we did which was wonderful was Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Short on cash? Read Song of Solomon to each other instead.. I am sure it will bring some romance to the relationship!

I got the movie we went to see on our very first date (about 7.5 years ago). I plan to watch it with him dressed in the Christmas present I got him. I was planning to cook his favorite meal but finances ran out. So we will just improvise. Another thing I was going to do was to learn a song on the piano for him but he got sick and was at home too much. I didn’t get to practice. Those were just a few things I came up with. I hope everyone has a great Valentine day with their spouse.

Last year I went to a local bakery that offered several Valentine treats. I purchased a large heart shaped cookie with a personal message on it. This year I went to the same shop and bought his favorite cookie. The bakery wraps them, puts them on a stick and ties them with ribbon. On the back I stuck a label with a love note from Jesus on it and put in in his lunch box. He called me from work saying he had needed the encouragement.

I like to take chapters from the Song of Solomon and re write them to my husband. My husband loves these. Here is just one example:

How handsome you are,
My beloved,
Our house gives sanctuary and
You are our great provider,
You are young and strong,
A leader among leaders.
Your lips are sweet to
My taste.
You sustain me with
The rewards of your labor.
Let your strong left hand be under my head,
And your right hand embrace me.
I am lovesick

Well I was stumped with an idea for Valentine’s Day (our fourth anniversary as well). I had a friend come over to accompany me while I made a card for my husband. Well she had this idea, that I did as well. It’s a box you make out of scrapbook paper and when you take the lid off of it, it opens up into 9 different pictures, and I used our wedding pictures to fill them up! An awesome idea, I think he’ll enjoy it!

I recently read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and I discovered that my husband’s “love language” is “words of affirmation.” So this year for Valentine’s Day I bought a pack of Valentine’s-themed note cards and a bag of Reese’s cups shaped like hearts (Reese’s cups are his absolute favorite!). Each morning I get up five minutes early so that I’ll have time to write him a note telling him something I appreciated that he did the day before; then I put the note somewhere he’ll find it before he leaves for work, along with a couple of Reese’s hearts. I started on February 1 with the intention to continue up through Valentine’s Day.

In the past week, I’ve found that this has really helped ME to put our disagreements behind us and to start each day out with a loving, generous thought life. I was initially apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to come up with something each day, but I’ve found that the more I do it, the easier it is to pay attention and spot the small things he does to express his love for me each and every day. I’m considering making it a more regular habit.

l have an idea for Valentines. l have four bedrooms in my house and we dont have kids yet and thought to myself that we dont have a study room, so l am thinking of converting one of the rooms as an office for my husband to work from and concentrate on his work (he is a thinker and l believe it will give him the time and space he needs). He is always working in the lounge and watching television at the same time and when you try and talk to him he hardly hears you, so l thought its a brilliant idea to do that and not costly at all. I will use one of the desks in the storeroom polish it, move the phone line for him to use the internet and decorate the room to look like an office.

For God so loVed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosoever
Believeth In Him
Should Not perish,
But have Everlasting life.

John 3:16 (note the bolded letters)

In addition to baking a heart shaped cake and writing on it, I am getting a brazillian bikini wax and have ordered new lingerie from Frederick’s to wear on Valentine’s Day! He has wanted me to get this wax done for sometime… I am getting it a week ahead to give myself time to heal.

I thought it would be fun to do something special this year since last year dh and I were both sick with influenza A. The kids (we have 3 boys) and I have decided on a little scavenger hunt for him, and we’ve had a blast writing the clues… it will end with a nice meal and his favorite desert… with a private note under his plate from me.

I wanted to share a romantic idea! We are going to get full body massages together in the same room. Then we are taking a taxi to a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. We are both self-employed and have alot of stress, and a full body massage is awesome, and we can talk during the massage and just relax and enjoy it together. And the taxi cab is so that we don’t have to drive, we can have dinner and head home to curl up for a movie and have no stress at all!

Thanks for letting us share our Valentine’s Day tips. In the past I’ve made heart shaped butter cookies for my husband, which he enjoyed. However, I need to change that tradition this year, because my husband is watching his cholesterol levels. I found a recipe for sweet and spiced nuts, using heart healthy almonds and walnuts. It will be his own special snack – from my heart to his.

I once gave my husband a sexy note in his sandwich. It wasn’t too racy, but let him know how much I was looking forward to his return from work. He shared his lunch with his boss that day! Twenty-five years later, he still gets a satisfied smirk when he recounts that story! I am more careful how I pack those notes.

I wanted to share a Valentine idea that I did for my husband last year. I purchased 9 small gifts for him. I wrapped them all separately and numbered each one. I wrote him a letter and told him that I wanted him to be reminded every hour of that day how much I loved him. I instructed him to open gift #1 at 9 a.m. -gift #2 at 10 a.m. – gift #3 at 11 a.m. and so on until all gifts were unwrapped and it was 5 o’clock. Some of the gifts included, his favorite candy bar, his favorite drink, a CD, a candle in a tin that said “love”, a pair of silk boxers, massage oil, etc. He loved it. He said it made the day pass quickly and he would anxiously wait to open the next gift. He was glad to see me when he got home! I enlisted the help of a coworker to place it in his office so it was there for him when he got to work. I will have to work really hard this year to top that. Matter of fact, I think it may become a tradition.

Here is what I did for my husband last year on Valentine’s day:
We don’t have much money and rarely get to go away on a vacation, so last year I turned our bathroom into a tropical get-away for my husband. I hung bright, colorful fabrics on the walls where I could. I brought in every single houseplant we have and arranged them around the room. I lit candles everywhere. I plugged in a small cd player (in a safe location) and played island type music. I had purchased a coconut scented soap for him. And the best part (at least he thought so) was that I bought a cheap plastic dust pan and used packing tape to affix it to the water fixture in the bathtub. I arranged it so that when the water was turned on low it would run onto the dust pan and then spread out and fall into the tub like a water fall. It was really neat! I had a fun tropical type drink waiting for him when he got home and he just lounged in our own private Hawaiian bathtub while I fixed dinner. He thought it was the best gift ever. :)

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